US, Afghan Taliban announce plan to sign peace deal at the February 29

Agree to sign agreement in Doha February 29 after a week of partial settlement

Agree to sign agreement in Doha February 29 after a week of partial settlement

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The US and the Taliban have agreed to sign a historic agreement to establish peace in Afghanistan February 29, which will end decades of war. A statement issued by both US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Taliban, AFP reports. They agreed to sign the agreement in Doha on February 29, after a week of partial settlement. Pompeo said the agreement between the United States and the Taliban is expected to move forward on the success of the consensus. He said talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government would also begin soon. “After decades of conflict, we have agreed with the Taliban to cut operations across Afghanistan,” Mike Pompeo said in a Twitter statement. “This is an important step towards a long journey to peace and I urge all Afghans not to miss this opportunity,” he said.

Earlier, Afghan National Security Council spokesman Javed Faisal and Taliban sources had said that a reduction in operations between the US, the Taliban and Afghan security forces would begin soon. It is thought that talks between the United States and the Taliban have been underway for the past two years to end the two-decade war in Afghanistan, which has also been interrupted, but has resumed. And now, with the success of a week’s ceasefire, the deal has been finalized.

Reports say a week’s ceasefire will show that the Taliban have control over their fighters and are serious about the deal’s success. Washington will reduce half of its troops from Afghanistan, which is currently 12,000 to 13,000 after the deal. The Taliban said in a statement that the two sides would create a better situation for signing the agreement. Taliban sources said that if the agreement was signed on February 29, there would be talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government to extend the peace agreement, which is scheduled for March 10.

Welcoming statements by the world community on US and Taliban declaration of agreement and NATO says the deal will pave the way for peace in Afghanistan. According to the report, Russia, in response to the agreement, said that it is very important to end the war. Pakistan played an important role in the dialogue between the United States and the Taliban and welcomed the statement from both sides regarding the agreement. Foreign Office spokeswoman Aisha Farooqi said in a statement that she welcomed the announcement of the agreement between the US and the Taliban. And we support the continuation of direct negotiations between the two sides. He said that Pakistan has been a facilitator and part of the progress made so far and we look forward to signing the agreement on February 29th. The Foreign Office said the agreement would pave the way for dialogue between stakeholders within Afghanistan and we hope that the Afghan side will take advantage of this historic opportunity.

Pakistan said in its welcome statement that political agreements will be held for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region, Pakistan reaffirms its support for a peaceful, stable, united, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan. “We will continue to support our country in which there is peace and also peace with our neighbors,” the Foreign Office spokesman said. Looking forward to the international community’s efforts for lasting peace in Afghanistan. They want an environment within Afghanistan in which a dignified return of Afghan refugees is possible, he said.

It should be clear that the war in Afghanistan has been going on for the last 18 years and there are currently 13,000 US and thousands of NATO troops. Which began after the September 11, 2001, attack in the United States. The US Embassy says the US plans to reduce its troops to 9,000. According to the Afghan Ministry of Defense official, the news of the signing of the agreement between the US and the Taliban has reduced attacks in the country and has control over 40 percent of the country.

It is to be noted that the nearly one-year talks between the US and the Taliban have entered their final stages in September 2019. However, US President Donald Trump justified the alleged violence by the Taliban, calling the process “dead.” Last month, Taliban sources said they had offered a short sausage fire for 7 to 10 days so that a deal could be reached. However, there was no announcement from both sides regarding the details of this offer. The bombing of US and CIA trained Afghan special forces, which also killed many civilians, has been consistently criticized by human rights organizations and a few Afghan officials. As a result, the Afghan intelligence chief was also sacked.

According to US Central Command data, in 2019, the US Air Force dropped 7,423 bombs in Afghanistan and 7,362 bombs dropped in 2018. In 2017, the United States dropped 4,361 bombs in the war-torn country and 1,733 bombs in 2017.


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