United States: the Black Death, rioting, Baltimore Emergency

Black's death, rioting, Baltimore Emergency

Black’s death, rioting, Baltimore Emergency

Washington … News Time

The biggest city in the US state of Maryland in Baltimore Sah violent protests against the killing of black citizens after emergency (emergency) has been announced. Clashes erupt after funeral who died, burned Cordon, incidents of stone pelting and looting, clashes took place between protesters and police, curfew would remain in the city for a week in 5000, while the National Guard stationed at the affected area are. The Town of Sand protested on Saturday in Baltimore that a housing scheme where police began April 12 Freddy Gray black citizen was arrested and detained during the April 19, was killed. Last night there was an under-construction building in flames, while dozens of people in the demonstration and clashed with police. According to officials, 15 police officers were injured. Black Freddy Gray died in police custody on April 19 last rites which were raging in the streets of the city were scattered young. They set fire to various objects suspended traffic. Numerous shops looted, property damage and several vehicles, including a police car was smashed. In view of the risk of violence in the city police had been deployed. Angry youths pelted stones which seven policemen were injured. The Ministry of Justice is the test that Freddy Gray was rydh cord injury where and when. 6 police officers in this case are suspended.


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