Under U.S. Pressure, will not action for Afghan Taliban or Haqqani network: Pakistan’s political and military leadership

 Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Chief of Army Staff, Qamar Bajwa and US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Chief of Army Staff, Qamar Bajwa and US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson

Karachi … News Time

Pakistan’s political and military leadership has determined that under the pressure of the Afghan Taliban or the Haqqani network will not be made an enemy. The reliable security sources of this development say that the Trump Administration has two main wishes. One way, as Pakistan did a successful action against TTP and its support other terrorist groups, exactly similar action should be taken against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network. According to sources, US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson said on the occasion of his recent visit to Pakistan, what were the summary Despite Pakistan’s most troublesome and limited resources, including TTP; he took action against dozens of terrorist groups, and did it on a back foot, which were gathered under an umbrella. While such action is not being carried out against the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network, the same brand. The only difference is that some across the border and some are sitting around. According to sources, unlike its news statements, the United States considers that no Pakistani Taliban or Haqqani network has a safe place in Pakistan, But it is the desire that people of Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network cross the border and come here to meet or treat their loved ones in Pakistan, Its timely notice should be given to the US so that they can target them with drone strikes. Sources say that Rex Tillerson and other American officials have been told that millions of Afghan refugees are living in Pakistan. Every day 30, 40 thousand Afghan refugees cross the border, and there is no check and balance on them. What does this tell about who is coming and who is going.  To eliminate the problem, Pakistan has started the management of border management, which is opposing the Kabul government and American authorities. Therefore, if this individual infiltration is to be completely eliminated, then the way the Kabul Government is being set up on the Afghan border, should be encouraged by the Kabul Government to do similar phenomenon. One-way fence will not solve the case.

According to the sources, the US demand to bring the Afghan Taliban back to the negotiation table was sent to Rex Tillerson, saying that the cases have now come out of Pakistan’s hands. Pakistan’s influence on Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network has ended, so Pakistan is unable to play any role in this regard. The Taliban, which was allegedly shot dead, has now moved to southern Afghanistan, while the Haqqani network has been pushing east Afghanistan. It is now the work of the Kabul government and the US allied forces there to take action against them. In the past, when Kabul agreed to negotiate with the Taliban, Kabul and Washington failed it. Sources also say that after taking this response from Pakistan, Rex Tillerson and other American authorities threatened to adopt another way when the demands are not fulfilled, Political and military leadership has decided on this, after the thought and determination that the Kayani will be followed by the strategy to deal with threats and threats in general of General Kayani and General Raheel Sharif. According to the sources, Pakistan is facing the situation in a very similar situation, which was after 9/11. The difference is that this time various tactics have been adopted from the Musharraf era to deal with American threats. According to sources, Musharraf had launched a South Waziristan operation on the threat of Bush administration, saying that NATO forces themselves will do this in the event of refusal. The Trump administration is currently talking similarly, which has been decided to not be accepted. At the same time, as army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani had earlier decided to not conduct operations in North Waziristan and despite the pressure of US pressure. Despite American threats, Americans had gone back to the backyard. Speaking on this situation, a leading military analyst, Asif Haroon, said that with the help of Rex Tillerson and other sources, the Trump administration has given the message a way to which the Durand and the Afghan border is being dealt with. Is, to stop it is not only Pakistan but the responsibility of Kabul and American officials. Therefore, the first fight between Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah should be eliminated. Afghanistan’s biggest resume of drug can be stopped. And that the Afghan National Army formed by spending millions of US dollars should be fought against the Taliban and Haqqani network. It is not expected from Pakistan that he will fight Washington and Kabul as it is the war of Afghanistan and America; Pakistan has fought and fought its part. Asif Haroon further said that the trumpets now want to be a father of Bush. His position is that if Bush had given Musharraf’s knee tech through a telephone, then he was a big thing. Therefore, the current Pakistani leadership will be under pressure on their threats. However the situation is unlikely to expect them. It can be estimated that the trump which claims to release Shakil Afridi by releasing a rocket is facing a lot of failure, even though the veil is facing severe pressures in this regard. But it has been decided that no initiative will be taken against US interest against Pakistan’s interests. On this one hand, Amjad Shoaib, the caretaker Military Analyst General (R), said that Pakistan has come to know that relations with the US, India have gone far ahead. So Washington will not get anything to recognize the demands. Then the US wants to express its demands from Pakistan without giving anything. Since the American President Trump, is a businessman, so India has become the first priority for them to want to make money by offering modern weapons and technology to China and Pakistan against China and Pakistan.

America has come to know that Pakistan can no longer compromise with the Taliban. At present, only one concern to the US is that Pakistan should not go anywhere in Russia’s camp. Therefore, it is not frightening that the United States to deal with the threats given by Islamabad to the extent that there should be no way to return. According to General Amjad Shoaib, the Afghan Taliban has now been influenced by Russia and Iran instead of providing those weapons and money.


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