UN funds could be over by the end of this month, Secretary General Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

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UN Secretary General General Antonio Guterres says the aforementioned international organization faces a $ 23 million deficit. He added that the UN’s financial reserves could close by the end of October this month. In a message to employees of the company yesterday, the Secretary-General made clear that steps must be taken to ensure payment of salaries by the end of this year. About 37,000 people are working in the UN Secretariat. According to General Antonio Guterres, deferral of conferences and meetings during the last quarter of the year can be seen as a reduction of the company’s various services. “So far, the Member States have paid only 70% of the total amount required for activities listed in the 2019 budget,” the Secretary-General says. In this regard, General Antonio Guterres also wrote the Member States October 4, detailing the activities under the General Budget. A UN official said that earlier this year, Guterres had called on member states to increase funding for the organization so that financial problems could be avoided, but member countries rejected the demand. General Antonio Guterres said in his written message that the member states of the UN financial position are responsible.


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