U.S system of justice has become punishment for black citizens

More than 2,000 black teens had been in prisons for "offense" in the past 30 years since 1988

More than 2,000 black teens had been in prisons for “offense” in the past 30 years since 1988

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Apparently shining US justice, US citizens, especially black Americans citizens became a punishment. Hundreds of American citizens are compassionate and unbelievable, forced by justice to comply with justice. More than 2,000 black teens had been in prisons for “offense” in the past 30 years since 1988. These innocent young Americans have to lose at least 3 precious years of life until their legal battle is conquered. The maximum age remained for 30 years. The National Institute of Exonerations, which has investigated such cases in State Michigan, has confirmed that version of any white teenager had to live in prisons not only for a black teenager to prove her innocence, but also spent years of prisons in prisons. Samuel, a law professor from the University of Michigan, has declared American system justice as “criminal”.He is also a senior editor of the American Institute, National Registry of Exonerations. This institution has been set up under the legal sooge to get rid of unrest from the prisons. The American media has acknowledged that even though dozens of citizens are being released by satisfying courts every year, due to a long trial. But despite the acceptance of the wasting of the valuable months of their life by the government, practical measures are not being taken for their welfare. The result of neutral and false witnesses has led to such ancestors being condemned as a prisoner and a criminal who did not commit crime.

News channel CNN has recently published a story of 41-year-old John Ben, a 41-year-old American release released from prison to jail for 27 years. The American system of justice was deplored. According to the CNN, by submitting John White’s case to a white counterfeit inquiry and a false witness, he closed it in the first case, and then created a case of trial in the court. American court consisting of white jury has sentenced this nucleus to a 27-year prisoner’s conviction. Though John is getting two months back, no action has been taken against his family’s 27 years, police officers, racist investigators and unaware prosecutors.

In April 2018, American analyst and reporter Joseph Neef wrote in a reportthe state government of North Carolina has ordered a payment of $ 7m to Hanrey McCullum, who has been imprisoned for 30 years in prison for illiteracy, and has also asked for forgiveness for 30 years. Hanrey McCullum was imprisoned in a false charge of a civilian assassination. Later, a new claim was filed for his death sentence. But Hanrey McCullum’s lawyer passed the request for a new investigation and proved guilty.

Niraj Chokshi, a research worker working for the New York Times, has revealed in a report. Practical and racist police, prosecutors and investigative officers in the United States are routine practice to fit into false cases of black residents. In the past 30 years, the number of innocent people in jail was more than 2000, making false cases, the charges against whom they have been convicted several hundred years later, have been proven 100% wrong in revenge and have been declared as sinless. But the government has not taken any action to destroy the ruins of their lives. This bulk officer and the prosecutors are white.The New York Times is regarded as the dominant majority of the Marxist media that’s from the White American Police abuse report with women or girls in any area black teens are held responsible. During the search operations, the local youth in the area are currently arrested. Without fulfilling the requirements of law and justice, these youth get punished in innocence. The German News Channel, Walks News, has also written in a report   from 1989 to 2017, more than 2,000 cases of murder in more than 2000 cases were blacklisted as black robbery. 36% colorful (Spanish, Asian and Mexico) were convicted and only 12 innocent criminals were safe.


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