Typhoon bears down on Japan with heavy rain for the Polling day’s general election

Vote for general elections in Japan will be tomorrow

Vote for general elections in Japan will be tomorrow

Tokyo … News Time

For the general elections in Japan, on the day of polishing (tomorrow’s Sunday) there is an ocean forecast, while rain can also affect the Polling. On the other hand, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has appealed to the whole nation that they should vote tomorrow (tomorrow) in the morning. Last day, the global media reported by the Japanese Department of Meteorological Eiju Takahashi in the month of October, the island of Japan is getting rid of the storm because of storm and it is sometimes in Japan. Talking to journalists after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday, he said that the Sunday polling would decide Japan’s future. Therefore, people should vote without the weather. Meanwhile, officials say that the rainfall of northern island of Hokkaido can reduce the rate of rainfall due to the intensity of rain. On the other hand, the analysts said that in case of the number of votes cast down, the ruling block will get two-third majority.


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