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Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a clear victory in the presidential election in the country

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a clear victory in the presidential election in the country

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Can any of the wine boxes open in Pakistan when Tayyip Erdogan arrives? Will Israel allow political and diplomatic relations? Liberty and secularism will be the freedom of independence? Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan considered heroes and roll models Turkey is influenced by religious plays but his personality and corruption are not intended to see corruption. May Allah be merciful to the Pakistani people with any religious drama. As far as Turkish economy is concerned, if Tbilisi is doing corruption then the economy of the country has also stabilized. Like the Pakistani rulers, do not even make the X Planet and do corruption too and let the country run away.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will now gain a wide range of powers and powers after the clear victory in the presidential election in the country. The Parliament of the country has become weak after their success and as a result of the previous referendum of the year, Prime Minister’s designation has been over. “The country is now entering a dangerous era,” said presidential candidate Muharram Ince. Which will be governed independently. Dr Sohail Pathan says Turkey’s leader is an excellent leader and Turks are the best nation. Muslim world is happy with all this because the Arrangan sells cheese of religion, but wine and cabinets in the country are open the head. Body promotion in Turkey is a regular legal status. It is a joke that some people should show that they should close the wine box and dance clubs, even though people of Islamic minds will be in Turkey also. It is a joke that the Turks rise up in religion. Alcoholism is open with mosques in Turkey, then it is raining, some people go to the mosque, some in the box. In our country, the sounds of Azan go to the top of the head. Erdogan gives a lightweight statement on Palestine, but Israel is the best trading partner. Despite this, all the friends of Pakistan and Islamic minds fill it all the time but it is a joke that Erdogan has ever spoken to India for the rights of Kashmiris but India has the best diplomatic and commercial ties from Turkey.

On the other hand can it be a Muslim ruler and not the charges of corruption? Erdoğan and his son are charged for billions of dollars of corruption, only Bilawal’s money laundering case is being carried out in Italy. On the other hand, the people of Pakistani religious thought that turn towards Erdogan and sincerity, in their own country, they hate hatred and secular ideologies. Would it like to be liberal and secular thinking in your country that is on the way to the Erdogan? Pakistan had become Turkey and Dubai today, instead, Pakistan would come to work in these countries. Today Turks and Sheikh came here to work. Mr Erdogan’s political opponents see the new luxury presidential palace as their alleged rule. A white palace of thousands of rooms at the suburbs of the capital Ankara is larger than the White House or the Corridor of Russia. And it costs more than $ 61 million. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK party enjoys popularity among the conservative Muslims within Turkey, While facing criticism outside the country, they often suppress their critics at the power of power. Operations have been carried out against foreign and foreign journalists in the far-flung government of Erdogan and there are cases against them. Her latest example came in last month when the police raided Turkey’s largest newspaper time office and threatened the staff.

Zaman had written in his last publication before the restrictions that Turkey’s press has seen the darkest day and after coming to government authority, it has been constantly publishing government-related articles. People of Pakistan who want Pakistan to come to Tayyip, then also face the liberalism. Pakistani people keep hypocritical thinking. Should Erzgan’s religious policy, but its liberal and secularism and corruption be accepted? The Turkish President is a democratic dictator in the civil war.

According to Turkish political backgrounds, democratic dictatorship can succeed while the civil governments in Pakistan tried to become absolute, dictatorship showed their colors. The Pakistani people also want Islam enforcement, but inside the box, we have kept an eye on the slavery of America. Tayyib Erdogan also has good relations with the United States and Israel. That is, the cooperation of Jewish and Christian friendship is complete, the democratic dictator.


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