Turkey:16 years under rule of Erdogan’sassets details

Turkey:16 years under rule of Erdogan'sassets details

Turkey:16 years under rule of Erdogan’sassets details

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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took oath as president on Monday. In this ceremony, heads of 23 countries attended. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development Party had won a victory by 53% in the previous round of Turkey last month. On this occasion, the global media carried out a series of propaganda to eradicate Erdoğan. This included charges of corruption and depositing wealth. He was named Turkey’s richest politician. His total asset was reported $ 58 million. In this case, the wealth of their sons was also stolen and it was said that the value of Erdogan’s son’s assets is $ 80 million. And it was claimed that he received support from the Turkish government.

It is clear that Erdogan’s son lives in Italy. To disrespect the public from Erdogan, the opposition strongly emphasized that the Turkish President has the world’s most affordable and best government resort, White Palace is also called. It is not a personal residence of Erdogan, but is a public building. On Monday, Erdogan took oath for the second term, before the Turkish media issued details of their total assets; they closed the opposition’s mouth.

According to Alzazeera, the “Turkish press dot” report states that Rizb Taqi Erdogan has been governing Turkey over the past 16 years. How many assets did they make during this? How many assets do foreigners make? How many flats have you bought? After all its investigation, it has come to know that there are accounts in three different national banks of President Erdogan. In which the total amount is 6 million 347 Lira, which is US $ 37.1 million in US currency. In addition, Erdogan also owns two plots in his native area resort, whose total worth is only 10 thousand Liras ($ 2100). Unexpected visit to Erdogan’s property is also a flat in Istanbul. It is situated in the area named Scudar and its price is 40 million Liras ($ 867,000). While he owns only a number of Audi A8s, the price is $ 2 million Lira – $ 50,000. However, despite these assets, Erdoğan also has 20 million Lira (4 million 34 thousand dollars). This amount was taken from Turkish Businessman Muhammad Ghore, and has not yet been paid as per the requirement of various expenditure including election expenses. If the loan is deducted from the total amount of money in Erdogan accounts, only seven million will remain. Apart from the property of Tayyip Erdogan, there is no property abroad or has an account in any foreign bank. According to Algeria, it is the total assets of the head of the country since 16 years. Whose economy is more than the total economy of many Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and the Emirates? After this discovery, Arab Social users of most social media have expressed their surprise and anxiety.

It is clear that since Recep Tayyip Erdoğan became the head of Turkey, the country is developing at 230% rate, whereas growth rate of global growth is only 78%.Turkey’s IMF’s $ 32 billion was set before the arrival of Erdogan. Erdoğan government locked all these loans in 10 years. When 2002 became Erdogan Prime Minister, the educational budget was 7 billion lira, which increased to 34 billion lira in 2011. In 10 years, the number of universities increased from 98 to 186. From 1923 to 2002, 6,000 kilometers of roads across the country were made, but in the 10-year-old government of Erdogan, 13 Hz was made long-term highways. Built in 25 airports in 10 years. Turkey is now the world’s 70th economy.

It is clear that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was born on February 26, 1954, in a poor family of Istanbul. He obtained initial education from the seminary. They are the writers of the Koran and are very good readers. In the 5th month of the month of Ramadan, he had a west of Istanbul in a large mosque in Istanbul, whose video was wired in social media. He further said that my father was the fruit seller and initially used to sell fruit with them to meet the domestic expenses. Due to poverty, it was not cooked in our house for years and we used to eat bread with melodoxy.

According to the report, on Monday, Erdogan and his 16-member cabinet took oath. Prime Minister Bin Ali Yaldram was designated and Vice President was appointed to Fuat Oktay in his place. Erdogan has announced that the first consolidation of the cabinet will be held on Friday. The meeting will be held by the Cabinet, Jamia Mosque Haji Baram and there will be a special prayer ceremony. Parliamentarians sworn in before the presence of Erdogan on Saturday. This was the longest event of Turkish history, because the number of parliamentary members has gone 550 up to 600.


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