Turkey ups and downs with the US and Russia

President Erdogan

President Erdogan

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Turkey has established deep links as well as US and Russia. Turkey and Russia’s relations have never been so close in history before history. Turkey was the only Islamic country that was also a member of the United Nations Alliance, and is still maintaining its membership in NATO. Turkey is the most powerful military force in the US since NATO forces, and that is why other member countries involved in the alliance of NATO feel sensitive to Turkey’s influence on NATO.

Turkey has always been involved in a US block since 50s, even if the socialist and left governments have been dominant here. Turkey and the United States’s relationship began to become cold when the terrorist organization Fatu attempted to overthrow the Erdogan government in 15 July 2016. Turkey assures the US secret service CIA handling and failure of Fatehullah Golan behind this failed insurgency. And he also handed over all evidence to US officials, but the United States did not withdraw from the evidence. And Fatehullah Golan did not have any demand for the transfer of Turkey and then during the ex-President Barack Obama, the United States’s military organization, PKK, WPG, and PW.D. On the border cross-border border crossed the border. Although in the same period, Russia wants to send its military forces and military equipments to Syria on the desire of the Syrian administration on Syria’s desire. Which changed the situation of the region, and one time it came to Turkey that the US military plane killed Russia’s false information Turkey and Russia relations are tenser and Russia sanctions on Turkey’s exports.

Although America has succeeded in removing Turkey from Russia, however, as soon as Turkey realized its mistake so Turkey has agreed to Russia, which Russia has accepted, and thus, both of these nations gathered past the turtles of the past so that the relationship left behind America and Turkey’s warmth. Turkey also expressed the desire to get Patriot missiles from the US due to tensions and attacks on Syrian borders. But the US has been hesitant to sell missile to Turkey and set several conditions. Meanwhile, a few countries of Turkey and the NATO signed the agreement with the US to jointly jointly produce F -35 combat planes. And also paid US $ 1.5 billion in advance. Despite the intense opposition of the United States to Turkey last week, with the agreement of the S-400 defense missiles set up with Russia during the same training and joint production. Russia’s S-400 Aerial Defense missile system has begun to receive paradoxes, which has become the tension of the US and Turkey relations. The US has also threatened to stop sending F-35 aircraft to Turkey.

American specialists believe that in keeping F-35 aircraft and S-400 missiles on the same position, Russian defense experts will get information from all the flights and sorts of American planes. Because it is the first time the Russian military has been purchased by any member of the country’s NATO member. Transferring from one area to another area via the Turkish S 400 defense missiles system and at the same time, launching multiple missiles at the same time and the system’s ability to destroy cruise missiles, ballistic missile and drone aircraft, is considered necessary for the defense of the country. The missile is also purchasing to avoid any attempt to overturn the government in the coming back of the CIA in the country. Because Turkey believes that until the terrorist organization Fitu’s success Fatehullah Golan is in the US the government can try again to overthrow Turkey, and Russian missile missiles can target F 16 aircraft. Who tried to kill President Erdogan’s plane on July 15, 2016. President Erdoğan S 400 has expressed concern over the recovery of missiles of 400 missiles. The purpose of taking S-400 defense missiles from Turkey to Russia is to establish peace in the area and to protect national security, not to manufacture war against achieving S-400 defense missiles. Turkey will continue to promote its defense industry. He said that for the end of this year, some parts of the defense missiles will be acquired, while by April 2020 the delivery of S 400 missiles will be completed and monitored by the armed forces.

President Erdogan also believes that US, Turkey will not stop sending F-35 combat aircraft because of now no negative response was made by US President Trump because he has met President Tramp in Osaka, Japan, and is expected to meet soon. President Erdogan also expressed interest in purchasing Patriot missiles, while also aware of the situation in softening American terms.


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