Turkey is the only NATO member fighting ISIS in Syria

Turkish President addressing the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia

Turkish President addressing the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia

Ankara … News Time

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the crisis has been exacerbated by growing anti-Islamic sentiment and racism. According to foreign media reports, addressing the G20 summit in Saudi Arabia, the Turkish president said that refugees and forcibly displaced people are suffering from economic problems on the one hand and racism and anti-Islamic elements on the other. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to war-torn areas instead of turning a blind eye to the situation so that a large section of the population can be saved from disaster. He added that Turkey is the only member of NATO that is fighting alone against a dangerous terrorist organization like ISIS in Syria, adding that Turkey’s efforts have ended conflicts in the region and created peace and stability. The Turkish president added that the global Corona virus epidemic has increased poverty and inequality around the world. Friends in Asia and Latin America, especially our African brothers and sisters, are going through great hardships.

President Erdoانan said that Turkey has been the largest refugee country in the world for the last six years, with 4 million refugees in Turkey, most of them Syrian refugees. He added that Turkey is meeting all these costs with its own resources because the major countries have not yet fulfilled their promises of funds for refugees, and the international community feels its responsibility to bear this burden. I will do my part.


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