Turkey and Russia’s second joint patrol in Idlib

Turkey and Russia joint patrols with British and Air Force personnel on Idlib's M4 National Highway

Turkey and Russia joint patrols with British and Air Force personnel on Idlib’s M4 National Highway

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Turkey and Russia made a second joint patrol in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib.

According to a statement issued by the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Turkey and Russia jointly patrolled the M4 National Highway in Idlib with the help of Air and Air Force personnel under the Moscow Agreement. It should be noted that additional protocols were signed between Turkey and Russia on March 5 to reduce tensions in the Aleppo and to stabilize regional conditions. The said protocol included the establishment of a safe area 6km north of the M4 highway and 6km south of the road and detailed rules and regulations clauses within 7 days between Turkey and the Russian Ministry of Defense. Earlier on March 15, the two countries patrolled the same highway, which was attended by the Air Force besides the evil forces of both countries.

Russia sent military police troops and vehicles from Moscow to the patrol. President Tayyip Erdogan visited Moscow and met with his counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, after dozens of Turkish soldiers were killed in the Assad air strikes, the two countries agreed on a ceasefire in Idlib and approved a joint military patrol proposal. On the other hand, Russia’s ally Assad army has cleared areas along the Turkish border in the north of the country in the interest of Kurdish militias. According to Al Jazeera, the Assad army’s convoy consisting of 20 tanks and military vehicles on Sunday left the Assyrian army’s Quiris Airbus from the Syrian Democratic Army-dominated area of ​​Ain-Arab.


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