Tunisian parties reject new government in the hands of the Ennahda Movement     

Ennahda Movement chief Rached Ghannouchi

Ennahda Movement chief Rached Ghannouchi

Tounes … News Time

Central Tunisian parties in Tunisia have once again reiterated the position that they will not accept the head of the next government, a person belonging to the “Ennahda Movement”.According to Democratic Current Party leader Gazi Chaouachi; this is a critical step for political parties to ask for a leader that all parties agree on. Gazi Chaouach expressed the hope that the head of the next government would have an economic background to play a role in saving the country’s economy. Meanwhile, the Tahya Tounes party has demanded in a statement that the next government should not be a “party quotas” but a national interest government that focuses on immediate economic reforms. Remember that the Ennahda Movement will present its nominee for the new government next week.

On the other hand, Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation in Tunisia Zied Ladhari resigned on Thursday after taking over for two years. Following the move, speculations are emerging that the Ennahda Movement may nominate him to head the next government. It should be noted that Zied Ladhari, 44, is one of the prominent figures in the Movement Movement, which has the confidence of the Movement chief Rached Ghannouchi. Zied Ladhari served on several high profile positions in the state during the past years. He holds four degrees at the university level. However, observers have overwhelmingly shown that there are political motivations behind Zied Ladhari’s resignation.


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