Tunisia: Dancer announces to contest presidential election

Twenty-one-year-old dancer and singer Nermine Sfar

Twenty-one-year-old dancer and singer Nermine Sfar

Tunisia … News Time

There is a shocking news in the world of showbiz in which a Tunisian dancer has surprised everyone by announcing a presidential election. 21-year-old dancer and singer Nermine Sfar also announced a controversial election manifesto. He announced that he would fight in the September 15 presidential election this year that I have the signatures of 35,000 registered voters. He also announced his controversial election manifesto. In announcing the manifesto, he said that if the president was elected, he would ban the wearing of women hijabs across the country. President Bani will ban the hijab and face of Muslim women and will persuade Muslim women to wear traditional Tunisian clothing.

Popular dancer Nermine Sfar announces the manifesto, saying that if he becomes president, he will legislate to impose penalties on such men. The girls who promise to marry the girl will be punished in the process. With regard to property rights, the bill will be passed to Parliament. The new property rights bill would propose giving women two-thirds of the ownership and a three percent share for men. He further said that he would soon launch the campaign and urge the younger generation to vote for change. Remember that the president of Tunisia and the first democratically elected leader Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi passed away on July 25 last month at the age of 92. Following his death, new presidential elections have been announced in Tunisia, which will be held September 15 this year.


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