Trump and Joe Biden’s campaign enters final week

Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden

Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign for the November 3 presidential election in the United States has entered its last week. US President Donald Trump will make more trips to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Arizona and Nevada this week in connection with the campaign. On the other hand, Biden will be in his home state of Delaware on the first day, after which he will also visit Georgia, Atlanta and Warm Springs. In the United States, nine days before the presidential election, the initial voting rate broke all previous records. The University of Florida-run Independent American Election Project reports that the number of votes cast so far in the November 3 presidential election has exceeded 59 million. On the other hand, according to the Election Assistance Commission, in 2016, 57 million voters exercised their right to vote in the initial voting.

The total turnout this year could be 1.5 million, up from about 13.7 million in the 2016 elections. In many states, including Texas, more than 80 percent of the votes have been cast so far in the initial voting. Texas has traditionally been a stronghold of conservatives, with Republican candidates winning since the 1980s. However, according to initial reports, Biden now appears to be in a position to defeat his opponent. Democrats consider the early voting to be encouraging, but nothing can be said definitively yet. It should be noted that President Trump had recently said that his supporters would cast their votes on Election Day on the fear of fraud in the mail-in ballot, but he could not provide any evidence of this alleged fraud. That’s why Michael McDonald, a University of Florida election project administrator and professor of political science, called the strategy “extremely dangerous” and questioned it in his tweet. What if some of President Trump’s supporters boycotted the election, voting was not available, or polling stations were closed? He said there was no doubt that the turnout in Texas would be higher than in 2016.


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