Transferred to the command of Pakistan Army General Raheel Sharif

General Kayani, the army chief of command'' stick'' symbolic reference to General Raheel Sharif

General Kayani, the army chief of command” stick” symbolic reference to General Raheel Sharif

Islamabad — News Time

Pakistan ‘s army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the outgoing national problems instead of becoming upset with the current situation, learn from them and to find a way to solve them is emphasized . GHQ in Rawalpindi Hockey ground adjoining the change of command ceremony Friday, Kayani said in his farewell speech to think that people can be different angle but every person desires to achieve a strong and prosperous Pakistan is connected. thus depressing give it to him wander … crosses all barriers that people may flag of freedom , who beat the ban could become a nuclear power , the workforce and the ability to recognize friends and enemies , the to overcome the problems is simple . they got to maintain solidarity emphasized that each person linguistic , ethnic and sectarian prejudices above only as a true Muslim and Pakistani thinking patriots contributes to the country’s prosperity and development will be . Gen. Kayani said that Pakistan is facing terrorism from the last decade, but the people supported by army officers and men of the spirit and the sacrifices the country the peace was the most difficult areas. , he said efforts to learn not only military personnel but also the nation and the benefactor. ‘We are dedicated to the extraordinary spirit of death over a common reality does not matter … in the last few years, the frequency and number of soldiers in the armed forces of Pakistan Gulistan his own blood sencha unprecedented . Gen. Kayani said that Pakistan Army on completion of 44 years of military service quit it is satisfactory to them , saying that they were entrusted with the responsibility to deal with it as they are honorable . Then to command the army for six years is a great honor for me … in the last six years whatever decision the interests of the nation and the army is always welcome. Farewell address ” command after General Kayani, the army chief Gen Raheel Sharif symbolic stick ‘ reference. Raheel Sharif, Prime Minister Nawaz’s . heads of the Armed Forces change of command ceremony , attended by serving and some retired military officers , former minister of the Ministry of Defense recently Khawaja Mohammad Asif , who were also present . Strict security measures at the roads leading to and location of the ceremony being monitored.

In November 2007 at the same location and the country’s former military president , General Pervez Musharraf, then army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the army was entrusted . Prime minister by General Rashid Mehmood was appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Thursday who had taken charge of the office.


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