The threat to world peace, US, EU and 26 Countries allies against Russia

US, European countries, including the UN, have ordered 150 Russian embassies to leave the country

US, European countries, including the UN, have ordered 150 Russian embassies to leave the country

Washington … News Time

The world started moving to destruction, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European countries became one against Russia, Last week, US, European countries, including the UN, have ordered 150 Russian embassies to leave the country, European government has been decided to solidarity with the EU. 48 intelligence officers, 12 diplomats in the United States, are deployed in Russian missions; 7 days have been given to leave the country. Canada will also withdraw 4 diplomats. Trump ordered 60 Russian embassies to dissolve.

According to White House, the move is part of the campaign to respond to Moscow worldwide. President also ordered to close the Russian Consulate in Seattle City. The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the non-friendly move will respond. The new measures against the Moscow government are coming in response to a chemical attack on a former Russian detective in the UK. French President Emmanuel Macron said on the European Security Summit that the Russian attack on Skripal was attacked by Russian-made poisonous materials. It is said that in this context, the European Union ambassador to Russia can be called back. A person was caught in Poland on the charges of spying for Russian intelligence.

Russia’s former spy-up attack on the rise in the UK, the number of countries out of Russian embassies 26 has increased. NATO decided to withdraw 7 diplomats from the Russian mission and stop 3 appointments. During the briefing in Brussels, Belgium, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance has reduced the number of Russian mission members to 30 to 20. On the other hand, number of countries who took out Russian diplomats has 26. Russia has once again given a message to respond to this move. Ukraine President announces to stabilize Russia’s 13 diplomats. Poland 4, Germany 4, Denmark will remove 2 embassies. Poland and Baltic States Latvia and Lithuania have demanded Russian ambassadors. 3 diplomatic officials in Lithuania suspended. Russian Foreign Ministry has said that the disaster of Russian embassies from the western countries is unmatched, Russian embassies will respond to the awakening of Western countries. US release 60 Russian embassies for land acquisition orders. Poland announces Latvia Russian diplomats to ruin the country. Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden. One, Spain will remove 2 embassies. 4 Russian diplomats in Poland, Russian embassy suspects suspended in Estonia. The Russian ambassador in the United States has said that Russia’s protesters protest against the US Department of Foreign Affairs on an unusual disorder. America is also making a lot of good relations with Russia. America only understands the language of power. Russia’s reaction against the United States should also be equal. European stock markets have been affected. Austria said we will not give up with Europe, America on the issue of Russian embassies. The United Nations ordered to withdraw 12 personnel from the Russian mission. The US ambassador said it was a spy.

British Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed the action of allied nations against Russia. He said Russia would send a tough message to the Russian embassies. Many European countries, including the United States, appreciate the solidarity of Britain. Iceland announced the 2018 World Cup diplomatic boycott.


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