The Story technical errors in the Prime Minister’s plane on his return home from U.S

News about Prime Minister Imran Khan's departure from New York and use of Saudi Arabia's plane for technical breakthroughs

News about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s departure from New York and use of Saudi Arabia’s plane for technical breakthroughs

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News reports about technical errors in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s departure from New York and use of Saudi government aircraft why not use the emergency landing option instead of returning at the same time after the 2.30 minute flight? What was the reason for the Prime Minister not to have the wisdom to address the concerns and bring them to the media? India and the Indian media are busy propagating in this regard, while the government is still silent. According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s flight from New York to Saudi government aircraft and after flying to various parts of the US and Canada for 2.30 minutes instead of landing at a nearby airport by taking a flight at such a high altitude after an initial flight over the Atlantic Ocean, a deep sea between Europe and North America. Traveling 2.30 minutes back to New York is not only an issue yet, but also raises various technical political questions and stories. It is also providing an opportunity for Imran Khan’s political opponents in the domestic politics of the country to speculate on workers in the United States. Imran Khan’s effective and bold representation, Kashmir in global and US forums with effective arguments Kashmiris advocate, Government of India upset over India’s ambitions and brutal measures and the media is also busy propagating but the government is still raising a number of unanswered questions about Pakistan’s silence and the need to know the facts about it:s

(1) – After returning to New York after a 5-hour flight on the night of September 27, what was the reason for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s failure to bring forward the tactics to allay concerns?

(2). More than 20 journalists from Pakistan, state TV, Pakistani media representatives in the US could have dispelled many speculations and rumors by calling just a few lines of messages. In addition, journalists in the same hotel were also kept ignorant and indifferent.

(3). The mission of the United Nations of Pakistan did not even bother to inform journalists in a few seconds using their already established system of messaging with journalists?

(4). Confident Prime Minister Mysterious Silence Instead of Concerned With Minute Press Conference and Presence while on the return flight, some of the Prime Minister’s colleagues were in great fear many conspiracy theories, potential rumors, speculation stories after a quick return to the hotel and they rid themselves of their fears by laughing at the ridiculousness of the projections. The presence of the entire media has only added to the suspicion of broadcasting a few phrases on a specific favorite TV picture of the Prime Minister landing in a specific security environment. The rest of the waiting media was shocked?

(5). If the technical errors in the flight were so unimportant that the flight continued to return to New York airport for 2.30 minutes instead of an emergency landing. And if it was safe to do so, why not make the choice to travel to Europe by continuing on the Atlantic Ocean for a few more hours instead of returning? In this way, the journey to Europe would have been completed and time would have been saved.

(6). The sudden deterioration of the Royal Saudi government’s bedroom-based navigational system on the Atlantic Ocean not only leads to surprise and concern for Imran Khan and eligible Pakistanis. In fact, the Saudi elders who frequently use Imran Khan’s hosts and aircraft and the aircraft owner is a real warning and of great concern to the Saudi government. The structure, year, past travel record and flight record of the aircraft need to be publicized so that public confidence can be restored.

(7). After bringing Imran Khan to New York, this Saudi government plane remained at New York Airport for six days. In the meantime, where is his record of security, maintenance, checking and fit for flight? This can tell a lot.

(8). After the plane fails to return to New York after an emergency, the plane’s captain makes a statement to restore confidence. Or to say just a few sentences, the crew did not break the silence, but kept silent. Even though Prime Minister Imran, the captain of the aircraft, the staff and Imran Khan, taking advantage of the presence of the media present in the aircraft, could have removed all the concerns, cited facts and reasons for not doing so?

However, the facts need to be answered in response to all these questions, rather than the sanctions imposed by the United Nations on Maulana Azhar Saeed, the head of Jamaat-ud-Dawa during Imran Khan’s visit to the United Nations. And a conspiracy to leak a month old letter based on permission to withdraw one lakh rupees for living out of frozen assets also needs to be questioned and the facts revealed.


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