The star of English Literature, John Updike     

The star of English Literature, John Updike     

The star of English Literature, John Updike

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The typewriter put it on the table at home. In pen and crowded paper, it felt strange and attractive hockey envelopes would be very mysterious. The names and attempts to read different leaves such as his beloved were fascinating. It was the early days of John Updike’s life. Daddy was a school teacher and a mother-in-law. Books were available at home subjects of the world, and academic and literary discussions also stuck with the hearing of John Updike. The effect of the same environment was that he handled the books. After initial education, he became able to read the literature of children. The same study strengthens them, and one day, teen John Updike penned pen emotions and emotions. After the first anniversary, the short article was written. These creative efforts kept parents in front of them, and they encouraged him, and in later years, John Updike’s pen remained strong in guidance. This creative journey continues, and today John Updike is recognized worldwide due to its ideology and unique nature. John Updike was from the US. He was the only child of his parents, whose childhood was different from ordinary children. They could not speak fluently and also suffered a similar disease, due to which their skin color was white and face red, but the parents’ attention and dignity did not allow them to get rid of any kind of commotion. He writes about the beginning of his pen journey. I found my mother always engaging in writing on the writing table. Troubled in the borders of consciousness, it was found that they were identified as a writer. He created love for me and guided me every step. My creative journey is the result of this motivation and help of these days.

Date of birth of John Updike is March 18, and 1932. At the earliest, he was interested in stories like stories, tales, and curiosity like ordinary children. With their knowledge and observation over time, they also started penis on different subjects. John Updike began to express his creative capabilities when the age of puberty ended. They described the lifestyle and problems of their residential area readings, and regular writing began. The creations of John Updike attracted readers from various themes and unique characters. Their general subjects were social values ​​and American citizens, while in short stories and novels they highlighted the middle class and their problems. A strong reference to John Updike is his realistic. In his writings, with the attitude of human behavior and confusion reflected the social level of defeat and the ritual called the critics. One of the aspects of John Updike’s creative individuality is that they did not ban the values ​​and traditions that are realistic on the skin. And can push any society towards narrow ideology. Especially news articles are their strengths and a great example of analytical thinking through which he used to translate his society and the common people. Due to the traditional and simple style of writing, we also look at the fantasy of John Updike and John. According to the critics, John Updike gave an active life in English literature instead of being able to authorize traditions and so-called principles. And on the basis of this beauty, counters were ranked in the creators. During the period, John Updike joined copies of copies of a local daily reading Eagle. This job has become the source of their creative skills and a mental patient. At that time his literary taste and tendency flourished. John Updike entered the University of Harvard in 1950 and graduated in English literature from here. Because of deep interest in the fine arts, he had learned the art of skill and cartoon making. John Updike’s horror was also sharp. He used his own art and his skills and presented social problems and problems in color of humor and humor. The cartoons of John Updike, which appeared in local newspapers, were liked. That interest in the fine arts took them to Oxford University, where they got regular education. During this period short-term, news articles and poetry continued to be a series of, and a journey began to be known as a pen.

During the pursuit of education in England, he met American writers EB White and Catherine White who were invited to write for New Yorker after the appreciation of the creations of John Updike. A few months later, John Updike began to write to America and return to New Yorker. In its famous journal, the first time in 1954, a hidden cover, and the series continued for two years. Now John Updike’s arts and his dreams were also discussed in the literary satellites of this era. The study highlighted John Updike’s mind and continued to worry about writing. After the poet and story car, he came as a critic. This perfection was the result of his extensive study and analysis. John Updike’s short stories and novels were beginning to be America and abroad. The critics of English literature with the readers had acknowledged their wonderful art. John Updike was making weeks of popularity, but the emerging outline of readers ‘readers on the screen of the readers’ mind was still inconvenience. He knew less about John Updike’s conditions of life and ideology. John Updike wrote his own self-written book in 1989 and shrieked into that trench. The style of writing does not want to leave the book without ending it. Thus, the process of caste was completed with the continuity of events, the flow of fluid and the tongue and tongue. John Updike gave his surroundings and events about his words and stories and became stories on them. These creations are the best examples of author’s grip and deep observation on the middle class and its compulsions. They used to be a queen in the scene of society’s tragedies and trivial facts. John Updike’s affection has not been enough and always demonstrated moral courage. He spoke on such aspects of the life of America’s suburbs that were considered unwanted during that period and were criticized. Their novels have a moral attitude, values ​​of values, and social complications besides sexual behavior.

An example is a novel couple who came to the scene in 1968. This novel theme was Boston and John’s life. This novel got a lot of popularity and proved to be the best cellular. This novel brought John Updike to the leading American magazine time cover store. The rivalry and rivalry of the two circles also shattered them. John Updike dismissed the allegations. He stole his theory on literature and philosophy. His novel Bech’s Background came to normal; once again the magazine magazine published a store on it. It’s a matter of 1983. The first novel of John Updike was the poorhouse fair, while in 1958 the collection of poems came to normal, the title of The Carpentered Hen. At this time, his short-term New Yorker remained part of the critics and critics recognized him as the King’s work of English literature. However, due to John Updike, the reputation is described as his novel. His other famous novels include The Witches of Eastwick, which appeared in 1984. This novel rotates around three women. Also, after the three series of Bech series, the Rabbit series cross all the borders of popularity. This is a history of a person who had a reputation as a basketball star. In his life, the events were different, and John Updike described his unique role in which the critics declared a King Car. In 1963 his novel The Centaur appeared on which the National Book Award was awarded. When Rabbit was talked to the series, a story Rabbit Is Rich was awarded the Patters Prize in 1982, while Rabbit at Rest also got the same award in 1991. A novel of John Updike was published in 1994. His name was Tristan and Isolde. It was a story of different American genres. This novel literally has a scene of religious sentiment like religion, social traditions, social values ​​and love. 1996, John Updike brought four-story stories to readers. This novel was published in the name of the Beauty of the Lilies; the story rotates around Wilmot Family. And the events starting from 1910 continue on until 1990.

The 9/11 had put the world together. The tragedy also affected the penis and became a major issue of terrorism. John Updike wrote a novel named Terrorist in 2006, whose main role is an extremist 18-year-old New Jersey. In 1997, his science fiction novel reached Toward the End of Time readers. It is a story based on the fierce war between America and China and its conditions. The Widows of Eastwick appeared in 2008, which is a novel written in 1984. It proved to be the last novel of his life. This, on January 27 next year, they lost their lives due to lung cancer. John Updike made two weddings. At the time of student, he was arrested in love with a girl and married him who could walk till 1974. In 1977 she met Martha, who was divorced and mother of three children. John Updike married her second. The great writer, who was honored with respect to all over the world, was awarded several awards. The US government has also acknowledged their literary services. In 1998, John Updike, the then American President Bush Senior gave the National Medal of Art. Bush Jr in 2003 He was entitled to the National Medal of Humanities in the government. He also honors the youngest member of National Institute of Arts and Letters. At the time of membership he was 32 years old.


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