The situation in the world from the destruction of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus kills 33,976, while the number of patients has exceeded 722,000

Coronavirus kills 33,976, while the number of patients has exceeded 722,000

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The Coronavirus infected the world, spread to 199 countries where the Coronavirus killed 33,976 people worldwide and the number of patients has exceeded 722,000. In Italy, more than 756 people have been killed and 10779 have been killed by Corona, while the number of people infected with the virus has increased to more than 97,000. In Italy, 86% of all deaths occur in people over 70 years of age. The number of Corona cases in the United States has exceeded 14,200,000 and more than 24084 have been killed. The US president has said that the mortality rate will increase further over the next two weeks and raise the medical guideline by April 15. The Coronavirus has killed 821 people in Spain in more than 24 hours while more than 80000 cases have been reported. The total number of deaths in Spain is 5982.

In France, 319 people are killed in a single day, while the total number of deaths is more than 2600. The number of coronary patients in Germany has exceeded 62,000, while the death toll has risen to 490. Thomas Scheffer, finance minister of the German state of Hesse, committed suicide. German media reports that Thomas Scheffer committed suicide due to a possible economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus. According to the State Premier, Scheffer was deeply disturbed by the economic crisis in the state. The report also said that the body of Thomas Scheffer was found near a railway track yesterday.

In the UK, 260 people were killed in a single day, while the total number was 1228 while the number of victims was more than 19500. According to the British Health Secretary, 10,000 coronas are being tested daily in the UK. In the UK, it has come to the fore that ventilators are now being offered only to patients who are likely to survive. Deputy Chief Medical Officer says life in the UK will not be normal for six months. The number of Corona cases in the Gulf countries has also increased. Corona has 1,300 patients in Saudi Arabia and 8 people have lost their lives. The curfew period in Jeddah has been extended from 3pm to 6am.

The number of victims in Switzerland was 14800 while the death toll was 300. In the Netherlands, 10866 victims, the death toll has risen to 771. After the death of 23 more people in Turkey, the death toll has risen to 131 while the number of victims is 9217. In India, 37 people have lost their lives so far. In Iran, more than 38,000 victims were killed and 2640 died. In China, 5 people were killed in a single day on Sunday, bringing the death toll to 3306 and the victims to more than 81500. Coronavirus death toll in Pakistan has risen to 16 while 1571 people have been affected.

Corona cases have suddenly increased in Japan. According to Japanese media, in Tokyo 68 new cases of Coronavirus were reported in a single day, after which the number of Corona cases in Japan increased to 1700. The governor of Tokyo has directed people not to leave their homes unnecessarily until April 12. The first case of the Coronavirus came out in Japan on January 14, killing 60 people so far, 404 patients have returned home after recovering from Coronavirus, while 56 patients are in critical condition. In Russia, more than 270 patients have been identified in the last 24 hours, according to official data released in Russia. After that, the number of victims has increased to 1534 while 9 people have been killed. Of them, only 7 have died in Moscow.

Another 12 died in Indonesia, Malaysia 8, Saudi Arabia 4, Lebanon 2, United Arab Emirates and one more citizen in Morocco. So far 36 people have been killed and 600 have been affected by the Coronavirus in Egypt. The Coronavirus has killed 4100 victims and 17 people in Australia. The number of patients has increased from 143 to 1388 in a single day in Thailand, after which the king of Thailand has decided to move himself to Quarantina. But their isolation style surprised everyone. According to local media, the king accompanied his 20 kin to a local hotel to Isulin.


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