The shut down Aqsa Mosque for prayer after 53 years: Islamic Waqf Organization

Due to the Coronavirus, the mosque was completely closed to Prayar

Due to the Coronavirus, the mosque was completely closed to Prayar

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Aqsa Mosque, located in the Jerusalem, the third most holy place for Muslims, was completely closed to worshipers. The Muslims’ entry to prayer in Aqsa Mosque has been closed indefinitely between Sunday and Monday. Aqsa Mosque is managed by Jordan, an Islamic firm headed by Jordan. The organization announced on Sunday night that it was decided to force the closure of Aqsa Mosque for all citizens and worshipers to help curb the rapidly spreading epidemic of the Coronavirus. Waqf, in a statement, appealed to Muslims, saying that this request is made to all Muslim worshipers. That they understand that the ban on haram is decided based on legitimate and understandable medical concerns. At the same time, Muslims are requested to read their prayers in their homes.

The closure of Aqsa Mosque is one such extreme step, seen decades later. Earlier, Aqsa Mosque was last closed to worshipers in 1967, when a war was fought between Arab countries and Israel 53 years ago. Earlier on Sunday, Aqsa Mosque and its adjoining Qubbat al-Sakhra were closed indefinitely by Israeli authorities. Even after this closure, Muslims were praying in the compound of Aqsa Mosque, but the Islamic institution has now canceled it. Now only a select few Muslims, who are inside the sanctuary, are allowed to take care of the sanctuary. These Muslim employees will be present there and will continue to perform their duties.

On the other hand, the occupied Zionist army detained 2 Palestinian youths praying in Aqsa Mosque. According to Palestinian media, the Israeli army detained 2 Palestinians from the outskirts of Aqsa Mosque. Both Palestinians were detained during the Esha prayer. Earlier, the Israeli army had imposed sanctions on Palestinian citizens in Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem. The Israeli army imposed a fine of 5,000 shekels on payment of prayers in Aqsa Mosque. The Zionist authorities also sent a notice to al-Shaikh Abdul Azim Sulab, chairman of the Department of Religious Affairs in Jerusalem, for a fine of 5,000 shekels on payment of Friday prayers in Aqsa Mosque.

It is to be noted that this place is very sacred to the Muslims because Hazrat Mohammad peace be upon him ascended the same mosque and its compound on a Buraq and went to heaven on Shabe-e-Barat. An important sign of this is the wall. Given how important and sensitive the mosque is to the Aqsa Muslims, it can also be inferred that such a resistance to the Palestinians from the sudden visit of Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon’s Qubbat al-Sakhra in September 2000 The movement had begun, which continued for a long time. This movement is called anti-inflammatory. Israel also controls all routes and entrances to the Mosque compound while the harem is under the control of harem. At the direction of the same organization, the director of Aqsa Mosque, Omar al-Kuswani, announced the closure of Haram al-Sharif for prayers.


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