The powerful Naval Army of China’s Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan attacked Japan by sea in November 1274

The powerful Naval Army of China's Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan attacked Japan by sea in November 1274

The powerful Naval Army of China’s Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan attacked Japan by sea in November 1274

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History has also emerged in such wonderful events that make sense of wisdom. For instance, France’s famous General Napoleon Bonaparte and German dictator Adolf Hitler attacked Russia in a large way. They believed that it was just a few weeks to capture Russia. But both times the snowfall wrecked the winner.

Interestingly, both the General Napoleon Bonaparte and the Adolf Hitler attacked Russia at the time when Snow Barry was not far off. But finally their forces stuck in the snowstorms such as destruction. In Napoleon, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler proved to be a tremendous fall in the time of his famous Leaders.

This surprising incident saved Japan from an invading force several hundred years ago. This event is known as Kamikaze in Japanese history. It happened that in November 1274, the powerful Naval Army of China’s Mongolian King Kublai Khan attacked Japan by sea. The Mongol army consisted of 800 ships, which were 33 thousand soldiers. This powerful naval fleet reached Japanese entities Hakata Bay in two weeks. In this era Japan was a weak military force. So all of them believed that the Mongols will soon occupy Japan. But the weather became the obstacle to their victory. It happened that the last week of November a tremendous stormy storm hit Hakata Bay. As he went away from the dead and hundreds of navy warriors flew out.

The power of the Mongols decreased by depriving of warriors. Japanese excitement grew up. When the Mongol army was not ready to fight, he turned back. They went to China to become China. The sea storm destroyed them. By looking at them, he did not think that he was the Mongol who had destroyed the Greek empire from Egypt to Egypt and India. But the Mongol too did not easily support the nation. After 7 years the Mongol Navy again reiterated Japan. This time Mongols came more powerful. The Mongol army consisted of 4,000 small naval warriors. There were about 1.5 million soldiers riding on these ships. Kublai Khan was the King of China at this time. He used the resources possible to ensure his victory. This attack was carried out with two sides of China and Korea to ensure Japan occupy. But due to Japanese wisdom and weather, Mongols had to eat food at this time. The Japanese had built the walls on all major beaches to fight the navy’s navy. Due to these walls, the Mongols had to face major problems in their ships. Passed for two months in a suitable port. Continuous naval travel was tired of the Mongol soldiers and they became too fragile.

When the month started in November, the Mongolian commanders decided to attack Hakata Bay. When they were on the way to attack, there was a great storm in the sea. As soon as he saw, Mongolia destroyed several navy ships of the Navy and severely damaged it. The sea storm forced the Mongols to be reopened. After the failure of the second attack the Mongols did not even have the courage to attack Japan. The odd thing of both these attacks is that in summer the summer of summer is the sea storm. In just 300 years, such an incredible event appears to be a storm in November’s winter. The surprise is that the Mongols attacked twice and both the winter floods destroyed them. Such consent is called or bad help?

The Japanese people, however, believed in the fact that the devotees sent the sea to help them. That’s why these storms were given Kamikaze’s name. Kami meaning in Japanese language is called deity and air kaze. This term became known throughout the world during World War II. The Japanese government gave Kamikaze an address to enhance the enthusiasm of its people who used to throw their aircraft on enemy ships and landmarks. As a suicide bomber, now the Japanese pilot became aerial wind that would destroy the enemies running on the coast. In a careful measure, 3862 pilots of Japan were killed by Kamikaze. Due to their attacks, allies, especially in the US, have to have more than 7,000 soldiers in their American hands.


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