The plane reaches from Dubai to London in just 4 hours

Boom Supersonic plane

Boom Supersonic plane

Dubai … News Time

Traveling from Dubai to London in just 4 hours is the ability to complete the plane and soon its flights will be started. During the air-conditioned air show in the United Arab Emirates state of Dubai, Black Shaw founder of the Air Company Boom said that his company has been working on the manufacture of the Boom Supersonic plane for the past several years, in which travelers will have the ability to travel from Dubai to just a half hours in London. From Dubai to London, the direct flight duration is approximately 8 to 9 hours. He said that this Boom Supersonic plane will be 2.6 times faster than traditional aircraft and its sound will be as much as normal aircraft. This means that people will not be able to find out if the normal airplane is over or no Boom Supersonic plane. Blake Scholl added that the aircraft will have the ability to take 55 passengers at a time while each seat ticket price is equal to the business class tickets of the general planes. He said that the pilot test will be started next year, whereas its regular flights will start by mid 2020.


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