The number of Coronavirus victims aboard a Japanese ship was 219; the death toll in China has reached 1363

Diamond Princess Cruise ship standing on the port of Japan

Diamond Princess Cruise ship standing on the port of Japan

Tokyo, Beijing … News time

Coronavirus has been diagnosed with 219 passengers, including the crew, in the Diamond Princess Cruise ship standing at the Japanese port of Japan. Coronavirus was first diagnosed in an 80-year-old Hong Kong ship aboard a Diamond Princess Cruise ship standing on Japan’s port a week ago, according to a foreign news agency which quickly spread to other people on the ship, which kept the ship in Quarantine for 14 days, along with the crew and all passengers. According to reports, Coronavirus was initially diagnosed in only 60 people on the ship, after which all the people there were tested and now every other day the virus is spreading to other people. According to the latest reports there are 531 people on board the crew and 219 have been diagnosed with Coronavirus so far including crew members while surprisingly a Quarantine officer has also been diagnosed with the virus.

The death toll from the Corona virus spread to China has reached 1363

The death toll from the Corona virus spread to China has reached 1363

On the other hand, a further 97 people have been killed in Coronavirus outbreak in China, after which the death toll has reached 1363. Wuhan is the most affected city in Coronavirus, where the outbreak began. In addition to China, one patient died in Hong Kong and the Philippines. The number of people affected by Coronavirus worldwide rose to 60,373. Of Coronavirus-infected patients, 6032 have recovered, but the condition of 8219 people infected with the virus is very worrisome. Over 2000 people were brought to different hospitals in China alone in the last 24 hours. Japan is the second most affected by Coronavirus, with 203 affected. The World Health Organization has named the corona virus as a disease (Covid 19). Scientists around the world are busy developing the Coronavirus vaccine.

28 countries around the world have been affected by Coronavirus, including China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, Macao, Vietnam, France, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Philippines. , India, the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Finland, Sweden, Belgium and Spain.

All public and non-governmental activities are banned in at least 10 provinces of China

And people are forced to live in their homes. All educational institutions, offices and factories are closed. France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda and Russia have closed their flights to China. On the other hand, the committee, headed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, has decided that the issue of illegal trade in wildlife must be dealt with and permanently banned. The virus is believed to have originated from an animal market in Wuhan, a city in Hubei Province.


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