The most profitable business of Afghanistan

The dollar shine blinded the Afghan ruling class and made it a slave of Western powers

The dollar shine blinded the Afghan ruling class and made it a slave of Western powers

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On the morning of January 29, Taliban fighters attacked the Afghan capital Kabul attacked the military academy. In this attack 11 Afghan soldiers were killed and many were injured. Immediately after the attack, a senior official of the Afghan Foreign Ministry tweeted: Pakistan had provided the weapons used by militants in the Military Academy. This became the closure of the Afghan government that whenever the Taliban, ISIL or its other anti-insurgency groups attacked, they immediately blamed Pakistan for the help of the Pak Army. The US President Trumpet and the US military have also been feeling the same that the Taleban have been helping Pakistan with the help of the government in Afghanistan. The truth is that the Afghan ruling class and the United States have made a sacrifice of sacrifice to the holy army under its own interests. The Afghan ruling class attacks Saeed forces to hide their corruption and lure power. While the only superpower of the world wants to be free of charge by plotting their fierce military defeat in Afghanistan. The fact that the Afghan ruling class and US government charges are reviewed in light of the fact, So what kind of greed is happening in Afghanistan?

In 1979, the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, so Pakistan gave all possible assistance to the Afghans to deal with the invaders. Millions of Afghans were sheltered and they were also given weapons to fight against terrorists. Due to the practical help of Pakistan, the defeat of super-power such as Afghan, Soviet Union. After the Soviet army returned to 1989, unfortunately, for the sake of power, the different groups of Afghan Mujahidin fought each other. In 1993, civil war was a result of the Taliban government, but the minorities did not recognize the power of the Pashtuns. That’s why, after the al-Qaeda leaders came to Afghanistan, US troops came to meet them. In 2002, Americans established their puppet government in Afghanistan. Since then, this is the only survival of the help of the Afghan government, the US and other Western countries. The 90 percent of the Afghan government’s annual budget is based on foreign aid. If the Afghan government does not receive foreign assistance, then it will become millimeter in the ON unit. It’s a great deal of happiness from America and Western countries.

According to an estimate, US and Western countries have provided $ 150 billion to the Afghan government from 2002 to 2018. Still, the Afghan government has received US and European assistance every year between US $ 4-5 billion. The US and European countries try to satisfy their public that they are with the help of the Afghan government, the development of public welfare development projects in Afghanistan. But is that true? This is a lie and fraud that American and Western governments are coming to give to their people. The truth is that even today 50% of the Afghan people are living below poverty. Unemployment in the country is common and millions of Afghans do not have basic facilities for water and sanitation. Hundreds are compelled to raise opium to fill Afghan belly. To get education, neither the school nor the hospital to treat, just the Afghan people are living under their help.

The question is, where did the Afghan ruling class get more than $ 150 billion a dollar? Why could not billions of dollars make the poor Afghan people fate? Moreover, millions of US and NATO soldiers remained in Afghanistan for 15 years. By an estimation, the Afghan war spent a half-trillion dollars in the US and NATO countries. The majority of this amount was spent in Afghanistan, but he could not even bring a spring in the wilderness of the Afghan people. So where did the pounds go dollars dollar? Actually, the small part of these pounds is spent on Afghanistan’s development projects. Most of the dollars were crushed by Afghan government sects and US and NATO contractual private institutions. The count of Afghanistan is still in the poorest and economically weak countries of the world, but the Afghan war has changed the fate of the Afghan and American and private private companies throughout the country.

Governing the government in Afghanistan consists of renowned experts from politicians, journals, government officers, tribal elders, governors, judges, feet, TV channels, and newspaper owners, journalists, intellectuals and education, economics and non-science like . This entire Afghan class is helping all the US and NATO countries so that they can maintain their occupation in Afghanistan. The reason for this is clear that the Afghan ruler’s class has blinded the dollar’s flashlight. Today, contributing to invading and occupied Americans and Europe in Afghanistan became the most profitable business. The Afghan one to earn, he opens an NGO, bribery to government officials and starts getting part of foreign aid. Today corruption has become a part of the Afghan ruling class, and corruption has become a way of life. In the Afghan government’s houses the tradition of truth and lies, haraam and lawl proceedings ended and there was a tradition of earning more dollars there.

Obviously, the Afghan ruling class can not end this profitable business. Foreign aid became its lifeline. He is earning through it. Therefore, this business requires that no peace could be established in Afghanistan. If the peace is restored, then the foreign aid will decrease, and thus, the Afghan ruling class will wash the pearl of a golden egg. Therefore, the biggest interest of this class is that civil war continues in Afghanistan so that their partners should be on the Afghan side of the US and West Pakistan, and they get water due to foreign aid. This is a vicious cycle that has put Afghanistan in its wrap today. Due to this fortune cycle, not only Afghanistan has created problems in the entire region. The first problem is that almost one million people involved in the Afghan ruling class have kept up to the past three billion and a half million Afghans. It is a million people occupy foreign resources, not only foreign aid. Most of the foreign aid and national income goes to the powerful and influential ruling class security and accounts abroad. The Afghan people get only such a part that they can maintain the relationship between the body and the soul. On the other hand, pure forces should be targeted by the Afghan ruling class. The reason is that the class knows, the pure forces are the power that can bring peace to Afghanistan by negotiating between the Taliban and the Afghan government. But it has been clarified that the interests of the Afghan ruling class is that American and NATO forces are present in Afghanistan, That’s why he keeps all Pakistani efforts to bring peace. Not only this, the Afghan media has started propaganda against Pakistan that it is responsible for civil war in Afghanistan. Due to this propaganda, the Afghan people are spreading hatred against Pakistan and they feel it as their enemy.

On January 30, the Pakistani Foreign Minister’s spokesman, Dr Mohammad Faisal, published a tweet Pakistan has handed over 27 fighters from the Taliban and Haqqani network to Afghanistan. The Pak Army wants to overthrow the impression that they are supporting the Taliban and Haqqani Network. But the Afghan government did not endorse the fact that Pakistan is supporting terrorists – the Taliban. Terrorists are indeed terrorists in the eyes of corrupt Afghan government, but millions of Afghan people consider them as real patriots. In the areas where the Taliban have established their governments, there is justice to the common man. The law is enforced and corruption is not a sign. The Taliban are living in Afghan society because of these qualities. During the last 16 years, the United States and the NATO forces could not end up with all military forces and the latest weapons. A recent BBC report has revealed that the Taliban are active in 70% of Afghanistan. They also got full control of 14 districts.

Former Democratic President Obama had announced that by 2018 the entire American army will be returned. After that, the United States will also take a hand with the help of the Afghan government. But the situation changed due to Republican President, Trump. The biggest reason for the change is that all the major advisers of the Trump are the former or present journal. These advisors belong to this warrior group of American forces who want to constantly stay in Afghanistan for a different reason. One reason is the very important geographical position of this state. These two emerging powers are located between China and Russia. US secret agencies can unveil spying activities against China and Russia by setting up their base in Afghanistan. President Trum also raised the formation of US Army in Afghanistan to please India.

The United States wants to bring India forward to stop China’s one-belt one-road plan, especially in China and Asia. So the US government is following the desire of India. Although China is not silent and in order to respond to breaking American and Indian rulers, he wants to establish a military base in Afghanistan. India’s interest is to take steps in Afghanistan so that Pakistan can surround two sides. That is why India also gave billions of rupees to the Afghan ruling class during the past 16 years to make it happy. Due to the vast majority of money from India, Afghan rulers are left ahead of Indians. With the help of the Afghan ruling class, it became easy for India to provide weapons and dollars to the Pakistani forces in Balochistan and Sindh. Furthermore, minerals in Afghanistan are also attractive to American companies. Recently news has been reported that US companies have decided to invest in coal mines in Afghan mines. Minerals worth more than one trillion dollars in Afghanistan are hidden.

The Afghan people have been suffering from wars and civil war for almost 40 years. Do not let them know when this earthquake ends. The US’s longest war in Afghanistan has entered a new phase and it does not seem to be unrealistic. The dangerous thing is that due to this US military war, Pakistan will also suffer from disaster and disadvantages. By becoming a companion of super-power sitting in the mausoleum, Pakistan lost a lot, but it got a lot of benefits. Can we learn a lesson from this bitter truth?


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