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France's world famous expert astrology Nostradamus and his first book, Les Propheties

France’s world famous expert astrology Nostradamus and his first book, Les Propheties

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France’s world famous Astrologer and physician (Nostradamus), who was born in 1503 and was death to the world in 1566, The last time the world was in shock meaningful predictions. Web site Speaking Tree DOT said in his report, Les Propheties that Nostradamus wrote his first book in 1555 until today, and sales are hiding. These predictions were in the same book. Nostradamus predicted in his book that a leader’s mistake will be an international incident and the accident that the biggest problem will be 2 super powers would be cut off relations. This situation will be further complicated Chile. The leader, whose fault wills it happen, I will repent of the error and remain at his post would improve the situation. The between Turkey and Russia today looks much the same situation. Nostradamus further writes that the tense situation in the Middle East over the Mediterranean Sea, in a country (probably Turkey) leader will be able to get the bomb. The mood will be sharp and small things are going too far. The leaders also will not hesitate to use the atomic bomb, but I will make nuclear attack on the country. Nostradamus writes that a time will come when a third-world country will rise from the dark color is a young leader, And she’s super powers to fight third world countries would unite. It will be the center of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Especially the Caspian Sea, the eastern Mediterranean and one branch (Adriatic) will be fought in. In this war, there would be a clear victory but it will pave the way for the arrival of the Antichrist. Nostradamus writes that while more predictions will come a time when a star will appear much brighter comets. This will create very large geological problems. There will be earthquakes and volcanoes will destroy the economies of the world will phtyn the system will be disabled to season. The world will suffer severe drought and food shortages and riots broke out in unexpected regions and countries will come. At that time, countries that are considered prosperous and powerful, Especially Western countries, they will be weakened. They will be destroyed by internal strife and conflicts because people will migrate to those areas where the water will be present and will be able to grow crops. This situation will lead to the coming to power of the Antichrist, but its power will be like dry grass on fire, which they will be turbulent, but will soon be fading.


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