The Islamic Organization has played a key role in forming a new government in Israel

Israeli President Rowan Rivlin has invited Netanyahu to form a government

Israeli President Rowan Rivlin has invited Netanyahu to form a government

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Israel’s president has invited Netanyahu, who won a narrow majority in the recent elections, to form a new government, but he is not in a position to receive a vote of confidence from parliament. According to international media, Israeli President Rowan Rivlin has said that no candidate will be able to win the confidence of the parliament after the recent elections; however, he has invited Netanyahu, who has a numerical majority, to form the government. President Rowan Rivlin said that many people are criticizing the process of inviting Netanyahu, who is facing criminal cases, to form the government, but the law has scope for it, so my move violates the constitution. The Israeli president claimed that 52 members of the 120-member parliament supported Benjamin Netanyahu, requiring 61 members to form a government, but that opposition candidates had fewer votes than Netanyahu.

The key role in the formation of the new government in Israel will be played by a group called Al-Qaimah Al-Arabiya Al-Muwahidah, which has won a decisive position by winning 4 seats. The candidate who gets their votes will form the government. Mansoor Abbas, the leader of Al-Qaimah Al-Arabiya Al-Muwahidah, has previously been the speaker of parliament and has made statements in support of the Palestinian struggle for independence. The government has not chosen an ally. It should be noted that Israel has held elections four times in the last two years and each time no party has been able to get the required majority, which has created a political crisis in the country.


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