The human rights situation in the world remained worrisome in 2020, annual report

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken

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Presenting the State Department’s 2020 annual report on the human rights situation, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that human rights trends were pointing in the wrong direction. Commenting on the State Department’s annual report on human rights, he said that the corona virus epidemic had created some “different problems” around the world, with some governments calling for a “rights ban” on the epidemic crisis. Used to justify and strengthen dictatorial regimes.” The Secretary of State said that limiting traditional methods of ensuring social security during lockdowns has raised concerns about gender or domestic violence for women and children.The “other vulnerable segments” of the population, including the elderly, the physically challenged or those with different gender backgrounds, were particularly at risk. This annual State Department report, compiled with the approval of the US Congress, is based on the human rights situation in the countries to which the US provides assistance. The report, released on Tuesday, does not mention the 2020 protests in the United States or the allegations of electoral fraud made by former President Trump following his defeat in the presidential election, which observers have called baseless. Blanken said the Biden administration has made human rights a top priority in its foreign policy, while acknowledging that the United States must work at home to meet its highest standards and principles on human rights.

“We all need to work together and use every means possible to make the world more peaceful and just,” he said. “During 2020, large numbers of people outside the United States will have to endure a brutal situation,” said Anthony Blanken. He mentioned the countries where the human rights situation has not been good, according to the US State Department. The State Department report raises concerns about the human rights situation in several countries, including China, Iran, Russia, Myanmar and Belarus. On the occasion, the US Secretary of State noted the human rights violations of Uighur Muslims and other minorities in China’s Xinjiang province and called the situation genocide. He also mentioned the treatment of Syrians by President Bashar al-Assad’s government and the devastating human rights situation in Yemen.

The Russian government’s crackdown on peaceful protesters, including political opponents such as opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the corruption of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and his key allies, and the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan and Zimbabwe. Restrictions on speeches are also mentioned in detail in the State Department report, which was also mentioned by the US Secretary of State in his speech. According to the Associated Press, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken has formally changed the blueprint for the policies of the former President Trump administration, on the basis of which US human rights policies only support these goals. Were limited, which according to observers had the support of conservatives, such as religious freedoms. According to the report, Blinken made it clear on Tuesday that he was completely eliminating a report designed to provide US diplomatic staff with guidance from other countries’ governments on specific issues.

Blanken called the recommendations of a commission set up by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for “unalienable rights” “unbalanced”, citing a report released last year on human rights. Protectionists denounced it as a violation of reproductive rights and the rights of homosexuals. According to the Associated Press, Blanken announced the reversal of the Trump administration’s decision to remove parts of the US State Department’s report on human rights in other countries. The US Secretary of State said that women’s sexual and reproductive rights are also part of human rights. He also said that the State Department has been instructed to include additional articles in the annual human rights report, including information on maternal mortality, women’s reproductive and sexual health, and maternity and abortion. Blinken said that the basis of human rights is that they are universal, and for everyone.


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