The formation of a new government in Iraq, differences between Parliament Speaker and Deputy Speaker

Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al-Halbousi

Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al-Halbousi

Baghdad … News Time

It seems that the outcome of the government formed by the so-called Prime Minister of Iraq in Iraq is still unclear. On the contrary, the ambiguity is growing in the shadow of a dispute between the Speaker of the Parliament and the Deputy Speaker. Hassan Al-Kaabi, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, was convinced that a parliament meeting would be held on Monday to hold a vote of confidence on the government of Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi. However, Speaker of the Parliament Mohammed al-Halbousi denied any date and time for the meeting. The Mohammed al-Halbousi made it clear that the date of the special meeting for voting before the receipt of the ministerial plan and the names of the ministers could not be set, yet we have not received both. As soon as these two things are done, the steps for holding the meeting will be completed.

According to Mohammed al-Halbousi, the purpose of any government formation is to get out of crisis. We do not want a government that poses a threat to social peace. He added that the nominee’s prime minister did not see any seriousness in determining the date of the premature election. The goals of the next government are to ensure peace, bring back the writ of the state, and hold elections early. Speaker of the Iraqi parliament emphasized that the demands of the protesters should be met. He said that Iraq has witnessed a lot of bloodshed over the past few months, and now there should be a clear stand on the demands of the demonstrators by political forces. Remember that a coalition of political parties led by Mohammed al-Halbousi had earlier announced that they would not vote in favor of Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi’s government in parliament because it does not have patronage support in the country.


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