The first Palestinian appointed as chief justice in US history

Palestinian judge Abdul Majeed Hadi

Palestinian judge Abdul Majeed Hadi

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The first time in the US history, Palestinian-born judge Abdul Majeed Hadi was appointed as Chief Justice in the court of Peterson’s city of State New Jersey. The city mayor Andre Sayegh said in his statement that he is proud to be the chief justice of a Palestinian Muslim in the US. Earlier Palestinian-born Rashida Taleeb had received a Congress membership from the American city Detroit on the ticket of the Democratic Party. On the other hand, the University of Basel, a young Palestinian teacher, was appointed as a teacher of the Palestinians in Switzerland. Saaz Amira, a student from Birzeit University of Palestine, won the prestigious numbers on the subject of urban studies at the Social Sciences College of University of Basel, after which the university handed over the responsibilities of teaching them on the subject of ethnic discrimination in Palestinians. At the time when the Jewish state is blocking the construction and development process in Palestinian areas, Palestine-based teachers are exposed to Israeli settlement and racism in Palestine in front of the world. Amira in Swiss University also worked with social organizations in Palestine, Ramullah, Beirut and Oman social organizations.


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