The financial crisis, Palestinian president fires all advisers

Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority

Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority

Jerusalem … News Time

Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas removed all his advisers from his office and terminated all agreements reached with him. And all the privileges they received as advisor positions were withdrawn. Palestinian state-run news agency ‘Wafa’ has just stated that President Abbas has exhausted all his advisers. However, sources say that behind the move of Mahmoud Abbas is the financial crisis facing the Palestinian Authority. President Abbas had appointed a large number of advisers for various fields.

From February this year, the Palestinian Authority was subjected to a new financial crisis by the time Israel announced the withholding of taxes owed to the Palestinian Authority. Israel accrued a customs tax of $ 12.7 million a month on goods sent to the Palestinian market, which has since been paid to the Palestinian Authority. Last year, the Israeli Nest passed a new bill that recommended that the Palestinian Authority withhold money. Israeli authorities claim that the money given to the Palestinian Authority is based solely on the sponsorship of the families of these Palestinians. Who were killed in retaliation or imprisoned in Israeli prisons for Israeli killings.

The Palestinian president rejected the Israeli government’s decision and blamed Tel Aviv for all its consequences. Meanwhile, a responsible source of the Palestinian Authority says that last June, President Abbas ordered a detailed report on the increase in his advisers and salaries. The report, presented to President Abbas, said that the former government had voluntarily allowed some senior officials without the permission of President Abbas. And increased the salaries of the advisers of President Abbas. President Abbas has ordered to deposit the surplus money in the national treasury.


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