The fear of nuclear attack?  U.S. Navy aircraft carrier walked away from North Korea       

USS Navy aircraft carrier Carl Vinson

USS Navy aircraft carrier Carl Vinson


US Navy aircraft carrier has been inching toward the opposite direction of North Korea. AFP said the strike US Pacific said in a statement issued by the command group has been traveling the western Indian Ocean. Earlier Sunday, the US military because of increased concerns over North Korea’s missile program in order to progress toward a Korean naval strike group to the region. US Pacific Command declared the deployment strategy developed in this region. According to experts, it is not clear that this move was deliberately made to deceive, which is probably meant to frighten North Korean leader Kim Jong Un or change of plan. North Korea has several nuclear tests recently and experts believe it may be the ability to make nuclear weapons, which can kill the future of America. North Korea had its east coast Sanpo was tested medium-range ballistic missile in the Japan Sea and threatened to nuclear attack on the United States.


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