The expected of Prince William being made king       

There is a high likelihood that Prince William will soon take over as king.

There is a high likelihood that Prince William will soon take over as king.

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The rapid spread of the Coronavirus, where businesses around the world have been affected, has led to many shortages, and the world is also struggling to handle administrative issues. Many top positions around the world have become inactive due to social distance or voluntarily restricting themselves at home to prevent the Coronavirus, which is also causing some administrative problems. And the British royal family is also facing such problems, after which there is a high possibility that Prince William will soon be in charge of the monarchy. Yes, there are reports that after Britain and her son Prince Charles left the royal palace to escape the Coronavirus, there was a strong possibility that Prince William would be temporarily king of the kingdom will perform the duties.

The British newspaper The Express quoted royal analysts in its report as saying that the possibility of a global outbreak arose after Queen Britain and her successor son Prince Charles restricted themselves to administrative activities that Prince William will be temporarily king. Royal analysts say that although Queen Britain and her son have not yet announced themselves to be quarantined, Prince William will take over if they make such a declaration. In this regard, the British newspaper Daily Mail also quoted analysts who were looking into the affairs of the royal palace. Because the British Ministry of Health has already announced that people over the age of 70 should move themselves to quarantine despite not being exposed to the Coronavirus.

The report states that since Queen Britain is 93 years old, her son Prince Charles is 71 years old. So both have to go to Quarantina for precautionary measures, after which Prince William will be available to perform the duties of the King physically. According to analysts, Prince William is third in terms of monarchy and since his 71-year-old father is second. And if they too become quarantined due to excesses, then Prince William will be the last hope and will have to temporarily take over the king’s responsibilities. Reviews by royal analysts of Prince William’s temporarily becoming king came just days after Queen Britain had left the royal palace.

Queen Britain left Buckingham Palace, the Royal Palace in London, with her husband on March 19 for precautionary measures. And she had moved to Windsor, the royal fort in Yorkshire, England. The Queen had also taken a private dog with her to Britain and after moving there, she directed her special message to the public to take social distance. It is also reported that Queen Britain decided to leave the royal palace when a senior official of the royal palace was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. There are reports that where Queen Britain left the royal palace, she had also stopped to meet other members of her family. And they started using advanced technology to communicate with the family. Where Queen Britain left the royal palace due to precautionary measures, Prince Charles, with his wife and his second wife, left the royal palace with his wife, and they also moved to Scotland.

After Queen Britain and Prince Charles left the royal palace, it is now believed that the two will likely move themselves to Quarantine. And they will stay away from any activity for 15 days, after which Prince William will likely take over as king. Likewise, it is also believed that if Prince William becomes temporarily king, other positions in the royal palace will be temporarily changed, and a few other members of the royal family will also take on higher royal duties for the first time. However, experts also said that it is possible that Queen Britain and Prince Charles would not quarantine themselves and restrict their activities only. And if that happens, the chances of Prince William becoming king will end.


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