The doors of education are closed on Hijab Indian Muslim students

Hijab-wearing Muslim students sit on the ground in the bitter cold on the stairs, corridors and porches of the college, studying.

Hijab-wearing Muslim students sit on the ground in the bitter cold on the stairs, corridors and porches of the college, studying.

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In the Indian state of Karnataka, veiled Muslim students have been barred from attending classes. With the blessings of the state BJP government, the college administration has not only banned the entry of hijab-wearing female students in the classrooms, but has also deployed armed police in the college premises. Mufflers are also allowed. Concerns have been raised about the absence of Muslim students in the annual exams, including the loss of their academic year. Family sources of local Muslim students and independent media representatives have said that the doors of education have been closed for the veiled Muslim students in the college of Udupi district. The students were not allowed to participate in a single lecture or practical in three weeks, due to which their families are suffering from mental anguish and psychological problems. Human rights activists and media representatives who visited the college noticed that the hijab-wearing Muslim students were sitting on the ground in the bitter cold on the stairs, corridors and porches of the college, while the Hindu students were studying with professors and lecturers in the classrooms. The principal of Government DDPI College, Udupi District, in a circular issued on December 21, 2021, banned all these Muslim students from wearing hijab in college classes and saying “Islam-u Alaikum” within the college premises. In this regard, when the students and parents inquired from the college principal, the fanatical Hindu principal refused to speak and invited Hindu extremist organizations to the college who started harassing the Muslim students and parents.

On this occasion, the journalists said that in response to the permission of Muslim students to wear hijab, Hindu students not only threatened them with violence, but also entered the college with traditional saffron muffler and handkerchief around their necks. Muslim female students in the college have also been barred from saying Islam-u- Aleekum and speaking in Urdu. Dozens of Muslim students told media representatives that they should study in classrooms and laboratories and were not allowed to participate in practicals. All the Muslim students of the college had been protesting outside the classroom for three days. But the principal has refused to make any concessions in this regard. Parents say that college principal Rudra Gowda has said that Muslim girls cannot wear hijab in class. The protesting students said that their parents went to the college to resolve the issue with the principal but the college principal refused to answer them. A delegation of ADP’s Girls Islamic Organization of India / GIO also called on ADP District Collector C. Karma Rao and requested that the constitutional rights of Muslim girls be protected. Although the district collector claimed to have resolved the issue last week, the college principal forbade Muslim students from entering the classrooms and taking practicals.

Meanwhile, Hindu students and local Hindus at Sarkair College in Kopa Taluka, Chak Mangore, Karnataka, threatened serious consequences. It may be recalled that in 2021, there has been a sharp rise in anti-Muslim violence in Karnataka. Violent Hindu organizations like BJP, Bajrang Dal, RSS and VHP have also staged protests against the violation of basic rights of Muslims. The Deccan Chronicle says that in addition to Muslims, several Christian families and churches have been attacked in recent Christmas. Meanwhile, the state government of Karnataka has also mobilized security agencies to take action against Muslims by introducing a conversion bill. The Indian news channel Times Now reported that the parents of the Muslim students had met the district collector and senior officials, but due to the stubbornness of the principal and anti-Muslim sentiments, more than two weeks had elapsed. No solution has been found.


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