The day of solidarity with the women’s captive

This week the women's prison called 'protest call at seven in the morning

This week the women’s prison called ‘protest call at seven in the morning

Cairo — Time News

Today for the first time in Egypt in solidarity with women’s captive celebrating the interim government, court or going to disrupt traffic has been sentenced to eleven years. Their seven young children with women in jail are close to their mothers, but these girls will not be separated. , the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies against the imprisonment of women today, Saturday morning at seven called ‘ protest call is given. Earlier on Friday, the interim government in Egypt during the days of his hands against the arrests and killings of political activists were protesting. Protesters at least 180 political activists were arrested. The clash between security forces and protesters set fire to a police station were killed and 21 injured during a youth. Captive women in favor of Egypt’s political parties, human rights organizations and social level transition more protests in Cairo and Alexandria are expected.


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