The Criminal Finance Bill in the UK, clamp for those exposed in Panama Leaks

Clamp for those exposed in Panama Lex UK

Clamp for those exposed in Panama Lex UK

London … News Time

The alarm was made illegal money for the property owners in the UK; I cannot escape being exposed in Panama Leaks, under the new law may be hundreds of properties confiscated during which the British government is going to crack down on corruption. According to The Guardian in the UK property owners hundreds of suspected corrupt politicians, tax defaulters and criminals. London’s reputation to protect their property can be seized under the new law. Corruption, money earned from capital each year are brought to the banks of London, The UK’s National Crime Agency, £ 100 billion each year around the UK, Most of this money is spent on buying real estate assets of luxury cars and jewelry. Criminal finance bill is being presented today, It is a law that allows British authorities to interrogate people from abroad and ask them about properties and their property can be seized and black, The law gives authorities the right to interrogate people convicted in their home countries. The legislation already exists’ ‘In Expander orders’ to be part of, under this law, organizations will be able to take action against the property owners made money corruption.


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