The constant habit of late risers at increased risk of early death:Research

The risks of pre-cyclists increase by 10 percent

The risks of pre-cyclists increase by 10 percent

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A new research has come to an alarming point that awake in the night longer than in the morning. And there is a risk of pre-death death in those who are late in the morning. In the Feinberg School of Medicine, located at Northwestern University, 4 million 33,000 people have been diagnosed with research the risk of pre-cyclists increases by up to 10 percent. The study published in the journal Karonoblical International has revealed that people living daytime may suffer from many physical, mental and mental disorders.

In the survey, 38 to 73 years have been reviewed, those who wake up early in the morning, sometimes wake up and wake up sometimes in the night. Or was always split into the wilderness. Meanwhile, habit of smoking, body mass index, ethnic and regional backgrounds, economic and social status and after keeping in mind the other matters, it came to pass that people who were awake early in the morning it’s the least risk of death before time.

In addition, the risk of mental and psychiatrists in the night is 90% and the diabetes fear increases by 30 percent. These people also suffer from stomach and nervous diseases. On the same hand, doctors have advised that people who sleep late night should do everything possible to control their routine routines. On the other hand, University Colonoblical International Professor Malcolm von Shentz has said that the way the health of night-consumers is to be named as a new disease or quality. Another expert Christopher Noston says that awakening for late night affects all the life conditions, Eating is not eaten on time, exercise is discarded, and also takes care of drugs, which have a negative negative impact on the health.


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