The 2018 election will be like in 1970?

Punjab stands on the basis of a major change and the 2018 election results may be surprising

Punjab stands on the basis of a major change and the 2018 election results may be surprising

Dr. Manzoor Ejaz

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Integration with FATA Pakistan approved about resolutions and done on it analyze us in the late Dr. Feroz Ahmed missed a lot because now Pakistan’s dimensions do not have a solid analysis of them. Now it is the name of the analysis to explain the daily and selective events back and forth. Or the news about officially related circles is received by the recipient. Understanding Pakistan’s history is not a neutral analysis for changing economic, social and social conditions. If done so, this result could have been very long ago that the new state institutions need to be established in the tribal areas. Still, Pakistan and especially Punjab political parties are not being seen in the context of solid material changes. Due to which it can be said that most of the political predecessors do not value their personal wishes.

Dr Feroroz Ahmad analyzed the involvement of Begum Naseem Wali Khan in the 1977 Pakistan National Alliance in his magazine Pakistan Forum. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP Province), Pashtun nationalism has ended economic fundamentals and now Pakhtun politicians will become part of the center of politics. Their main argument was that the coming of 1977, the economy of the Pashtun region has been associated with the rest of Pakistan. As a result, the people of this area prefer to stay in the United States. If seen at the general level, the number of people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal areas has migrated to Karachi and Punjab. The prediction of Dr. Feroz Ahmed proved true.

Now it is the fact that there is no political party that politics of pure Pashtun nationalism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: The National National Party (ANP) also talks about regional interests, but the Pashtun nation is not separated. What kind of economic and social changes have come in tribal areas due to this, the interests of these areas can be achieved in a better way across Pakistan. Therefore, it is not surprising that the public movement of the region wants protection of its rights while part of the Pakistani state. Writing on this subject, it has repeatedly said that in the context of changing economic facts in the FATA and the rest of the tribal areas in these areas there is a need to develop a development program by setting up state-run institutions of state. Moving forward to Dr. Frozen Ahmed’s analysis, it was said that if this area is not part of the Afghan wars even then, this work has completely changed the economic and social status of the working class, Karachi, Punjab and abroad. When a large part of the people of an area transfers their houses by earning money from major cities and non-countries so, new ideas also arise. Apart from this, if there is war for a long time in an area and force people to get rid of it, then many old values ​​are eliminated. That is why the field of two great wars is very bright from Western Europe, America. In this context, it is not surprising that there are bright voices to establish a fair new community from this region. It has become clear that there was a decade of delay in the absence of concrete analysis and reform of FATA and tribal areas. But this question arises whether we are making predictions in today’s Punjab and Pakistan due to concrete analysis. The general awareness of the media is that the public decision will be on the wrongdoers. Furthermore, the rewards of winning the defeat of the election will be on the basis of which many elective politicians are. Similarly, the results of the establishment of the Southern Punjab province are being carried out many results.

Seeing the 1970 elections, the political situation of Punjab is remembered when the predictions in the media were common that the Council of Muslim League will win most seats in West Pakistan and Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman’s party will not get majority in East Pakistan. But if the economic changes in the 1960s (especially the green revolution of Punjab) and the 1968 Ayub Khan’s anti-movement movement was reviewed without any doubt many areas of Pakistan have been ready for political and social revolution. But the same was the agenda of history: Pakistan People’s Party won most competent politicians in most of western Pakistan. And in the East Pakistan, the public League won one and all the seats. Punjab still stands on a big change and results of the 2018 elections may be surprising.

In the history of Punjab, the 1970 election was a big turn. Regardless of the qualities and flaws of Pakistan Peoples Party Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto people of Punjab adopted the agenda of democratic and economic freedoms. After that, the so-called democratic and non-democratic governments, who have been negligent or aggravating the agenda. The fact is that the 1970 election was the negligence of the old Jihad system and the spokesperson of the new demands. Zia-ul- Haq’s guerilla policies could not end PPP and despite all the obstacles, Benazir Bhutto won the Prime Minister in 1988. The war between the old People’s Party and the PML (N) development model remained in the 90s. This appeared in the form of victory of Nawaz Sharif in 2007 and 2013.

In the last 40 years, the Kaya Kiya has been clipped: Now most of the population is located in the cities, and cities like children are found in the well-developed villages. This population is keen on modern state institutions, infrastructure and full democracy. There is a lot of social and individual freedom in Punjab despite the protest of religious extremism in Punjab and demand freedom at the political level. The PML (N) has been more popular than its performance and now it has taken a claim of restoration of the entire democracy. Now the question is whether Nawaz Sharif’s democratic slogan is like a public agenda of the 1970s. If the predictions based on politicians (electables) politicians will prove to be wrong. And if this does not happen then the state organization will be infertility: All this will be until the public agenda is actually converted.


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