Thai princess disqualified as Prime Minister Candidate

Princess Ubolratana Mahidol is the eldest sister of King Maha Vajiralongkorn

Princess Ubolratana Mahidol is the eldest sister of King Maha Vajiralongkorn

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After the Thailand Election Commission opposed King Maha Vajiralongkorn, his elder sister, Ubolratana Mahidol, was disqualified for the next general election. The 67-year-old princess Ubolratana Mahidol was the first person in Thailand’s royal family, who had announced to participate in domestic politics just a few days ago. Princess Ubolratana Mahidol is the eldest sister of King Maha Vajiralongkorn and he announced the country’s main political party Thai Raksa Chart party to participate in the general elections in March next month.

The Thai Raksa Chart Party also selected them as a candidate for the Prime Minister; however, the king criticized this princess’s decision and ordered not to participate in the election. The Thai Raksa Chart party had also nominated the nomination of the Prime Minister as a princess after the king’s opposition and order, but the princesses were busy fighting the elections. He is now disqualified by the Election Commission of India.

A prominent US newspaper reported in its report that the Election Commission disqualified the princess after the orders of the king of Thailand. The Election Commission in its short judgment said that Princess Ubolratana Mahidol could not participate in the general elections; they are constitutionally unable to do this. Princess Ubolratana Mahidol had royal honors by marrying an American person in 1972, after the announcement of entry into politics from the princess Ubolratana Mahidol; the country’s politics was shattered. He had to fight with the current prime minister in next general elections and the former military chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha, who occupied the power in 2014.

Princess Ubolratana Mahidol was born in 1951 and received higher education from overseas countries. He is also considered the most colorful personality of the royal family. Princess Ubolratana Mahidol is also committed to work and services in accordance with royal traditions and according to public affairs. Before he came to politics, he also felicitated acting and played a great role in various movies and TV plays. Due to colorful temperament, he married American person by stopping royal honors in 1972 and moved to America permanently. However, in 1998 a princess divorced and she left the United States and moved to Thailand. Princess Ubolratana Mahidol received a royal honor after the judicial orders and started serving as royal person and was given royal titles too. Princess Ubolratana Mahidol has three children, one of which was killed in the tsunami storm, while the remaining two children live in the United States with their father.


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