Taliban PM calls on Muslim countries to recognize Afghan government

The Prime Minister of Afghanistan Muhammad Hassan Akhund

The Prime Minister of Afghanistan Muhammad Hassan Akhund

Kabul … News Time

The Afghan prime minister called on Muslim countries to be the first countries to formally recognize the Taliban government, as the aid-dependent country faces economic catastrophe. According to a report published in the newspaper, no country has yet recognized the Taliban, and most countries are watching how the group, which was attacked during its first term, committed human rights abuses. Were accused of, restricting liberties. Although the group promises soft governance in its interpretation of Islamic law, women are largely excluded from government employment and most girls’ secondary schools are closed. “I urge Muslim countries to come forward and formally recognize us, and then I hope,” said Mullah Hasan Akhund at a conference convened in Kabul to address the country’s major economic problems that we can make rapid progress. “We want this not for the officials but for our people and that the Taliban have fulfilled all the necessary conditions by restoring peace and security,” he added. Afghanistan is thought to be in the grip of a humanitarian catastrophe, exacerbated by the Taliban’s takeover in August after Western nations froze international aid and cut off access to billions of dollars’ worth of assets held abroad. Earlier, under US-backed government, the country relied almost entirely on foreign aid, but now jobs are gone and most government employees have not been paid for months.

On the other hand, the International Labor Organization has said that 500,000 Afghans lost their jobs in the third quarter of 2021 and that number is expected to reach 900,000 by the middle of this year, leaving women disproportionately will be affected.

With rising poverty and drought-stricken agriculture in many areas, the United Nations has warned that half the population of 38 million is facing food shortages. The UN Security Council last month unanimously adopted a US resolution authorizing some aid to reach disillusioned Afghans without violating international sanctions.


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