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Experts from Syria now have two major powers in the United States and Russia contenders

Experts from Syria now have two major powers in the United States and Russia contenders

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Last week, Turkey’s former ambassador to France and the European Union, Uluc Ozulker, revealed a thriller. Uluc Ozulker wrote in one of his articles that the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom want to divide Syria together to fulfill their religious interests. These three powers want oil-rich and geographically significant region, its influence in the Middle East. But America’s supreme effort is that Iran could not strengthen its position in Syria. The fact is that Syria has recently targeted a new great game among the united forces. In the coming days, the unfortunate and oppressed Syrian people will see more terrible events of destruction, destruction, and murder. Western colonial powers have been victimized by their conspiracy and interest in the past one century to Syria. During the first war, Britain, France and America all three Western powers were betrayed by Saudi Arabia, Hajjaz if he rebel against the Ottoman Turkish government, So later all the Arabian Arabs (ie Saudi Arabia), Iraq, Syria and Palestine will be given it. Sharif Hussain got caught in the net force and he rebelled against the Turkish government. After the support of Arabs, British and French forces occupied Palestinians, Syria, Iraq and Jordan. Later, Jordan and Iraq were handed over to Sharif Hussain’s sons while global forces share important areas. Palestinians, Britain, while Syria, France went to occupy.

At that time 90% of the Syrian population was Muslim. 87% of them listened and 13% Shi’a. Most Shiites belong to the sectarians in Shi’a. There were sectarian differences but they did not get significant and all the Muslims remained together. That’s why, when France occupied Syria, all the Muslims jihadist declared it against the regime. This jihad continued from 1925 to 1927. The French army ended the end of the latest weapon

In the Second World War, German ruler Hitler defused Britain and France’s military power. As weakened, France could not retain its occupation in Syria and freedom-free leaders announced Syria’s independence on October 24, 1945. Shakri al-Qutli was elected the first Syrian president who was the famous freedom leader. Shakri al-Qutli was anti-colonial powers and anti-Israel. He wanted to see his newborn free from the influence of Western colonial forces. New Super Power, America’s proud and self-governing ruler did not like his opposing attitude. So American secret agencies, CIA and American embassies in Syria showed green gardens to Syrian civilians and strengthened them against Shakri al-Qutli. Consequently, 29 March 1949, the Syrian army overthrows the elected democratic government. It was a modern Arab military coup, which was due to the interests of the American ruling class. After this rebellion, the rulers continued to come in Syria and the country remained politically and socially disturbed. In November 1970, Defense Minister Hafiz al-Assad belonged to the Alawi sect who took over the government. In early April, President Hafiz al-Assad took positive steps to create political, religious and social unity in the public. Political prisoners were released. Reduce daily goods prices by 15 percent, which led to lack of public problems. The President was also keen for the Islamic, and like Colonel Gaddafi in the Islamic world, he began to be considered a hero. But on the other hand, Hafiz al-Assad became dominant and he began to understand himself. They put their position on the government and positions of interest in ordering their government to continue. Especially the army and all security agencies were appointed as Chief Officers. It is clear that now a small sect has become occupied by national resources, whereas the rest of the people were troubled by difficulties.

In 1979, members of the Muslim Brotherhood of the Syrian Islamic Organization began to arm with the government. The Hafiz al-Assad government crushed the most violent fighters and many urban men and children and children also wash their hands by targeting civil war. The number of executives is reported to 40,000. After this incident, the Hafiz al-Assad government made more opposition to the opponents and criticized every type of criticism. Hafiz al-Assad stood in power and began to rule with power. In 2000 he walked and his son Bashar al-Assad took over the government. In the evening the kingdom of chaos went on. Hafiz al-Assad was a co-ordained deployment on the army and all the top official positions. Therefore, Hafiz al-Assad was successful in becoming a new president. The Arab Spring started in 2011 in the Arabs against the dictators and kings its effects also arrived in Syria, where almost a powerful tool was governing for almost 40 years. Fifty people were occupied by national resources. From the top government positions to industry and trade, everything was occupied. So the class was richer than rich, but the people would keep doing two times a day to get bread twice. Now on the footsteps of other Arabs, the Syrian people stood up against the ruling class. This protest was mainly of economic and political nature, not religious. Bashar al-Assad also wanted to suppress the protest of the people as a father, so it spread. Now the public also took up arms against government security agencies. Soon in this protest the religious element was also entered and protests started adding people to the people it’s time to finish the rule of a certain sect. Al-Qaeda and other militant organizations benefited from this protest and they stepped into Syria.

Bashar al-Assad government was opposed to Iran’s support and Israel. He also had close ties with Russia. So America disliked this government. When the armed struggle started against the government in Syria, So the American government started providing weapons and investments to fighters. Interestingly, al-Assad fighters included al-Qaeda leader and were also given American weapons. The United States was disintegrated with al-Qaeda and its affiliates in other countries, such as Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan etc. This matter reflects the fact that the American ruling class does not have the truth and the truth of lies instead, only works for fulfilling their interests whether it is negative and wrong.

When the United States interfered in Syria, the Bashar al-Assad government first asked for help from Iran and then Russia. The two foreign forces also became part of the Syrian civil war. Meanwhile, the Islamic State (ISIL) appeared and another party entered the civil war. The civil war of Syria remained changing as well. Seeing the Islamic State (ISIL) captured a large area of ​​Iraq and Syria. But the US, Russia, Iraq and the Syrian regime attacks turned the Islamic State (ISIL) out of control. And this Syria almost finished. Now Syria’s civil war is basically two major parties.

 Syrian opposition parties and Assad regime:

The opposition parties are divided into three factions. A push consists of radical fighters. Other factions include moderate and secular mood including Syrian leaders. These third-party organizations are included. America, Britain and France are supporting other and third factions. The Syrian government has received the help of Russia and Iran. After the fall of the Islamic State (ISIL), a large part of northern Syria is under occupation of Kurdish organizations. The US wants to set up military checkpoints in the region so that steps can be taken in Syria. The reason is that she hopes to exit Iran every evening. In fact, the Israeli government has put pressure on the US government to allow Iran not to strengthen its position in Syria. Iran’s cooperation with Syria with the help of Bashar al-Assad, the military base in Syria will harm Israel in two ways. First, all the Israeli cities will come under Iranian missiles. Meanwhile, the military edge of Israel in the region will end. Other Iran would be easy to provide weapons and investments to its allies in Lebanon, Hezbollah. This organization will be more powerful. Thus, Israel will be surrounded by enemies on the two sides. To avoid this situation, the Israeli government and the US influenced Jewish lobby have put pressure on President Trump to not make Iran a military base in Syria. Israeli airplanes bombed a large scale on Iranian airports in the month of February. During this time, Israel was also able to wash a fighter plane. The destruction of the modern plane has led to an impression that the Israeli Air Force is unbelievable. This encouraged the Syrian government. Meanwhile, Turkey and Kurdish organizations have got anxiety. Turkey claims that Kurds want to make their country, Kurdistan, which will include Turkish territories. Therefore, Turkey is opposed to separatist Kurdish organizations. Since January, the Turkish army has attacked the North-Syrian region, Ephraim so that the Iraqi military base could be destroyed there.

Experts from Syria now have two major powers in the United States and Russia contenders. They have their own support to be handed over to Syria. That is why both forces are in spreading their military constituency in Syria. Russia has recently sent its latest fighter aircraft, Sukhoi Su.57 evening to Syria. The US is sending more troops to North Syria. Both of the superpower steps have taken place in the evening that a new great game started between them. It seems, for the sake of their own ego, they will not even bury this Islamic state from falling into the sea of ​​fire and blood. As millions of Syrian men, women and children will now have to pass through the tremendous landscapes of destruction and destruction. Do not let them know when peace and peace in their country will open and they will be able to see the beauty of life again.


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