Symptoms of the coronavirus among Japanese nationals evacuated from China

200 Japanese nationals who evacuated from China to Japan arrived at Tokyo's Haneda airport on Wednesday morning

200 Japanese nationals who evacuated from China to Japan arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Wednesday morning

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200 Japanese nationals who have escaped from China to Japan arrived at Haneda airport in Tokyo on Wednesday morning. Many of them have symptoms such as cough and fever, officials say. They say passengers were examined on the plane. All individuals have been sent to the medical institutions for further inspection. Five people who were diagnosed with the disease were rushed to specialized hospitals for infectious diseases.

Japanese authorities are planning more specific flights to Wuhan City, where the outbreak of coronavirus has spread. About 650 people in the city have expressed their desire to return to Japan, he says. Three more cases were confirmed in Japan on Tuesday, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to seven. Authorities in Tokyo are taking special security measures. People can now be admitted to the hospital without their consent. Medical checkups of people suspected of being infected with virus can be made at entry points in the country.

On the other hand, some Japanese companies in Shanghai will delay resuming their activities after the Lunar New Year holidays due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The Shanghai administration has told companies in the city that they are not allowed to resume their activities until February 9. Authorities in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province have prevented companies from resuming work until February 8. Following the announcement, Japan’s Honda Motor has decided not to open the Shanghai headquarters of its motorcycle business in China until February 10. The company will resume production at its two motorcycle factories beginning February 9. One of these factories is in Jiangsu. Japanese companies from several sectors are operating in Shanghai and Suzhou, including automotive and electronics parts companies. If the suspension of work in factories continues, it may affect the supply of parts and other products and could negatively affect the production.


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