Sustainable lives in the shadow of Indian aggression

There is a 3252-km long border between Pakistan and India

There is a 3252-km long border between Pakistan and India

News Time

It was a cold and quiet morning of November 23, 2016. In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, near the passenger van line of control, dozens of villagers were riding on a roadside road with a kenari village, along with Neelum Jhelum Valley; the passengers’ destination was Muzaffarabad, the capital of the state. Wayne said on his way that suddenly a rocket hit the carved car with a wired car, There was a strong explosion and then all the atmosphere tired of the bullets and the burden of the space was shattered. Rocket shells were falling on the car, as if the flames are going on, Due to the bullets coming out of machine guns, the ear was not hearing the sound, Everyone was shocked, people kept calling each other, giving presents that we were just passengers, Ordinary citizens, but crossed the LOC border crossing the Indian soldiers were constantly targeting targets. Indian surgeons were targeted to ordinary citizens, such as the whole world terrorists gathered together to celebrate picnic in a car, the slogans of the soldiers can easily be seen by traveling to ordinary travelers in a passenger van. Meanwhile, an ambulance tried to take out the martyrs and the injured from the scene but the Indian soldiers also targeted it, Perhaps he wanted to make sure that no citizen was alive either. In this tragedy, nine villagers died on the spot while 7 others injured in death and life’s conflicts were dispatched to the hospital. A 29-year-old driver of the car accident in this accident, Golfam miraculously remained safe, but a tablet passed away on his neck, The person whose pain he did not find till today, he tells that people were screaming that we were ordinary citizens, but were not taking the name of the rocket to stop, He was not a misunderstanding, but the Indian Army, intentionally escaped our vehicle, another passenger who survived the accident, says Arif Mustafai. I still do not believe that I am alive, sitting in the passenger’s head sitting with me, and he died in front of me. They spread thousands of pills on us.

India has never been able to offer any such blasphemous aggression but border terrorism, so he refused to appear to be explicitly exposed to this event, on the other hand, according to legal experts, this incident is an open violation of Geneva Convention. The Pakistani media gave special attention to the incident and was protesting at diplomatic level, but then this tragedy was surrounded by time, in which 9 precious things were lost, 9 families were destroyed. Due to the aggression of the Indian Army, it is the biggest event for ordinary citizens to play, but alas! The world was completely silent with a humble and sensitivity, No one was shown to be not infringement, nor was the loss of precious human life.

Easy target:

Soldier soldiers placed on both sides of the line of control are relatively safe due to concrete bankers, but ordinary citizens are also an easy target for anyone, because they have a shelter in the emergency and no weapons to protect themselves. Indian soldiers know that they cannot target the enemy so why not play with the lives of ordinary citizens get the feeling of patience and bravery of their feelings. Almost a year after this tragedy, Bharadal Bharat Army again did the same thing as they did earlier on February 15. And the children targeted the van taking school. It was going to leave van students that Indian secretaries hit the age of van driver in the Butter Sector, Luckily, the car accidentally stuck with a roadside bar stopped stopping, so all the students would be safe, but the driver turned to shame on the occasion.

After three days incident, the Indian Busyiper shot and killed 8-year-old Ian Zahid, playing outside the house at Kotel Sector. The 22-year-old Indian Army targeted a 19-year-old boy of Triti Note Guys, when he was working on the mountains in the Butt Sector. The inhabitants of the river Pai, inhabited by Gaya Butt and Mahatol, say that targeted civilians by the Indian soldiers are no longer unusual, they have made it a threat. Mohammad Omar, a resident of the Little Guys, who is an Indian shelling, says she regularly shields on our songs. The total population of these two villages is about 5,000, which has been targeted several times by Indian soldiers, the testimony of the walls of these village houses, which has been exposed to Indian pills and shelling. Here is a story of every family, which after hearing a stone, but the world is based on its silence and India’s slogan.

Blame Game:

There is a 3252 km long border between Pakistan and India, out of which 2175 km has been recognized as a regular global while the rest of the border has been restored in three parts, out of which 108 km Line of Equality Control (LoAC), 767 km Line of Control and 202 km Working Bondary are included. From 1948, the forces of the two countries are standing in their eyes. However, in 2003 a sauce was fired under a verbal agreement, The interesting thing here is that despite the bleeding of all the illiterates and ordinary citizens with Pakistan, saeed fire was offered by Pakistan Prime Minister Zafarullah Jamali at this time. During this period many negotiations were also held, but all the efforts of peace made by Pakistan proved to be unmatched. When New Delhi dismissed the attack on the Indian invading militants to shelter Pakistan, the talks ended.

The worst offense since 2003 has been on Line of Control and Working Bondry, which began at the end of 2016, when the Hurriyatists attacked the Indian military base in the occupied Kashmir in September, 17 Indian soldiers were killed in the attack. India alleged that Jihad, a working organization working in Pakistan, is responsible for this attack. Here it is worth considering that the aggressive attack occurred at the time when the Hurriyat-e-Brahmin-based welfare in Kashmir was being expressed and expressed anger and protest. The whole world was keenly looking at India on the incident of an enemy, while India wanted to remove the attention of the world at all costs.

According to military experts, since now, India has violated 44 more civilians including women and children, violating more than 2,000 freeze fire. While 154 civilians were injured seriously due to these violations, someone in his hands, leg, sat down. International law enforcement says the target killings of ordinary citizens violate Geneva Convention. President of the Research Society of International Law, Ahram Bilal Sufi says the line of control under international law is a controversial place between Pakistan and India, So in this case, Geneva Convention is applied. Security forces can attack each other legally or to attack their border legally, But the safety of ordinary citizens should be ensured by both sides. Targeting civilians by line of control on Line of Control is not only an open violation of Geneva Convention but also the World Law for Human Rights. A senior security official posted on the line of control says Pakistan is never initiated by firing and this is what Indian soldiers themselves consider, but they do not express it openly. According to defense experts, Pakistan has many reasons, due to which it does not initiate tension on line-off control. And for those reasons, the claim of not being initiated by him is also strengthened. First of all, a large number of Pakistani military forces, who are going to Afghanistan and the Taliban, are deployed on the western border to fight against terrorists,

Whose command is doing the best officers of the Army, while on the other hand India has ranked more than three times more army line-ups than Pakistan?

The second Pakistan will never increase stress on line-off control to jeopardize the most popular struggle against India in occupied Kashmir. Apart from this, the Pakistani military forces will not be able to take action in the firing to threaten the lives of civilians living in line with the control of the line of control. The Indian Army claims that they just shoot to stop the extortion, which is the realization of groundwater facts. Pakistani senior security officials say that the SSE fire contract was canceled in the late 2016s, which means that the madness was happening before it, but the interesting thing here is that in the early years of the year, the Indian Army claimed it that so-called entrepreneurship has been crushed enough Lt Gen Satesh, Indian army deployed in occupied Kashmir in January 2016 said to media due to the strict measures of the Indian Army, the border cross-border cross-border control has been substantially controlled.

Apart from this, the Indian Army has not only built a fence, mostly with the LOC, Instead, by observing the map of potentially places of interest, monitoring the 24 hours of these sites is being done with modern technology. For this reason, an AG Gupta, a Brigadier, posted on the LOC in 2014, said in an interview. It is impossible to interrupt any folding fence fence with LOC. India’s claim of freezing fire-fire from Pakistan also refers to the fact that despite the various terrorist acts in Pakistan, the peace of Azad Kashmir did not get upset. In this regard, Azad Kashmir Minister for Education Iftikhar Gilani said that peace in Azad Kashmir shows that Kashmir is a peace loving nation, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan tried to open its franchise in Azad Kashmir but could not succeed in it, then, after trying to step down by the Islamic State (ISIL), he was also in failure, So how can peace-loving Kashmiri allow anyone to use their land for terrorism or violence?

Indian Ambitions:

What are the goals of India’s end to increase stress on line-off control and target civilians? Pakistani authorities say that a new Indian Army wants to remove the attention of the Indian army from the cruelty of Kashmir’s. So that the liberation struggle of the occupied Kashmir can be pressed and the other people want to remove them from line control. So that implements their thinking of making a permanent border here. But Kashmir is say that India can never threaten them by fulfilling them. Opposition leader Chaudhry Mohammad Yasin in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly says India should try as much as the courage and courage of the Kashmiri people, they will never be desolate, they will never leave their songs or live in another place.

If anyone from both sides is not ready to believe that he is responsible for the aggression, and then who will decide it? The answer is in this resolution of the United Nations Security Council in 1949, In which a military observer group was formed from the UN for Pakistan and India, But India has always stressed the UN by stressed that the Commonwealth Agreement, after 1972, will play the least role in this matter. And that is why India wants to keep the United Nations military observers group away from the region mentioned. In 2014, global military observers were ordered to leave government bungalow provided in New Delhi on the other hand, facilities in Pakistan were provided at the level of observers.

What are the options in Pakistan then, through which they can prevent India from attacks on the Kashmiri people? Naseem, says a leading law enforcement officer, that Islamabad can take this matter to the world justice or the United Nations Security. If Pakistan succeeded in presenting solid evidence there, the World Justice can decide the judgment against India. And if Pakistan uses another option, the Security Council can set a medal to review the situation, whose information can be placed in front of the relevant committee.


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