Sun rays harmful to eyesight

In classes must use sunlight

In classes must use sunlight


A common thing, but it’s weak to pose a problem for most people with aging make it much worse. Yes, be very vulnerable to the sun’s rays can cause weakening eyesight. The claim came in a clinical study in the United States. Fordham University study noted that people, especially those over the age of 40 if they spend too much time in the sun serious vision problems. The ultraviolet ray’s damage the skin noted in the study eye is also an increased risk of cataract or other problems that can damage eyesight. Under extreme conditions, according to the research so much vision problems can increase the risk of blindness. However, researchers said the solution to avoid this problem is very simple and that is to hear the glasses must especially those over 40 years old if you use it. The lack of sleep also increases the risk of contracting water.


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