Stay in Switzerland village and receive 25,000 francs

Switzerland's village Albinen

Switzerland’s village Albinen

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Switzerland’s village Albinen has decided to give 25,000 Swiss Francs per person to the residences, according to the reduction in the number of houses. According to Daily Telegraph, this amount will be given to a permanent resident, if the family is accompanied, the additional amount of 10,000 Swiss francs will be given for each child however local authorities have imposed a few conditions in which 25,000 frank ($ 25 thousand 400) will be given to this person. Who will reside here for at least 10 years, He does not have more than 45 years of age, and He did not come there for tourism but bought a property of at least 2 million francs. The person returning to a lesser than 10 years will have to return the government’s return. It is clear that the number of people in this small street in Switzerland is just 240 the local administration has decided to increase. Guides residents will take part in voting on November 30 regarding the approval of this proposal. It is believed that Switzerland is the world’s most attractive country in terms of tourism or employment.


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