Six Arab countries where there is no tax on income

There are some states in Arabia who do not receive income tax per cent

There are some states in Arabia who do not receive income tax per cent

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Income Tax is an important source of funding for governments, which is received at a specific rate under the default procedure on public income. Worldwide, Income Tax system is the most developed and prosperous countries of the world, including Pakistan but there are some states in the world who do not receive one percent of income tax and this list comprises 6 beautiful and rich countries in the Arab world, where people are enjoying free tax free life.

United Arab Emirates:


According to annual income, the United Arab Emirates is a union of several states, where income per capita is not charged for the average $ 49,000.

Saudi Arabia:


The world is the largest exporter of oil in the world, Saudi Arabia, which does not implement any income tax on the salary class, but 20 percent tax rate is applicable for personalized business.



This country is counted in the richest states of the Arab world. There is no income tax enforcement here, but a professional plays 75 percent of its income for social security.



Regarding geography and location, the mainland of the Middle East is counted in income tax-free countries.

The biggest source of raw income is the production of this country.



The natural gas rich diameter is the richest country in the world, the income tax is not received here, despite the average income of millions of dollars.



Due to this country, reputation of producing reputable oil, people here are very happy but there is no concept of tax on income.


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