Severe famine in Yemen, 80% of the population is facing food shortage

Worst famine in civil war-torn Yemen leaves 80% of population hungry

Worst famine in civil war-torn Yemen leaves 80% of population hungry

Sana’a … News Time

The worst famine in civil war-torn Yemen has left 80 percent of the population hungry. According to media reports, economic woes, cholera, dengue fever and other epidemics have created the worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The effects of the corona virus are less there than in other countries, but experts say that if the virus spreads, the death rate there will be 10 times higher than in other countries. According to a report by Johns Hopkins University, 2,114 cases of corona have been reported in Yemen so far, of which 609 have died. The United Nations says in a report that 250 million people in Yemen are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. The population includes hundreds of thousands of children under the age of five. Due to malnutrition and hunger, their condition has become like that of men. It has become difficult for them to get a one-time meal. “It’s a great shame for the international community,” said Mark Lukac, head of the UN Relief and Works Agency, at an online conference. Despite the fact that many countries have food stocks, we see Yemeni citizens suffering like this. If the war does not end soon, Yemen will become the world’s poorest country by 2022.

One million people have died in Ethiopia’s worst famine since 1984. Observers say the situation in Yemen has created a state of famine in Ethiopia. In Yemen, pro-Iranian Houthi militias have seized the capital, Sanaa, while Saudi-led Arab coalition forces continue to crack down on them. During this period of civil war, its citizens are most affected and thousands of innocent people have lost their lives.


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