Separation of the European Union, new laws for Britain

Repeal Bil in the UK, EU rule of law will end

Repeal Bil in the UK, EU rule of law will end

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UK’s EU since the start of the separate now thousands of EU regulations will be either eliminated then their place will introduce new British laws. Great Repeal Bil has been published details of the project. The separation from the United Kingdom to the European Union rules will have to change the rules in the UK otherwise there may be a situation where there will be a legal vacuum. A statement said that Minister Brexit David Davis immediately after separation from the European Union under the Great Repeal Bil business will operate as usual and they will know that the rules are not changed overnight. He also said that this would mean that workers’ rights, European laws on environmental protection and consumer rights will remain But even if Parliament can change them later. He also said that Great Repeal will end the supremacy of EU law in the UK Bil, as it was decided in a referendum last year. Addressing members of parliament said that our laws will be made in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff, British judge will explain them, not sitting judges in Luxembourg. The British government faces criticism that it plans to change the laws without parliamentary oversight near a thousand. Mr. David Davis said that such replacement laws will only change will be temporary, and review. Labor MP Jeremy Corbin said that they are against “dictatorial rights. Liberal Democrats say that if the bill did not include reservations in this regard, I will oppose it. Said the Scottish National Party’s European Affairs spokesman seems to me that the largest of Brexit, then press the red button, but they do not know what will happen next. In the last 44 years, there are thousands of European Union laws that became part of British law. Prime Minister Theresa May has assured that he would hold consultations on the distribution of powers between Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. They say it will increase their ability to judge the process. The Great Repeal Bil Scotland’s Parliament will have the right to vote.


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