Saudi Royal and new crisis

 Journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death after the Saudi regime but also himself himself is King King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Salman suffering from a new crisis.

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death after the Saudi regime but also himself himself is King King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Salman suffering from a new crisis.

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This crisis has not only been born in last two and a half weeks, but its intensity and depth has increased rapidly. By the way, crisis and politics and power have always been with love. The developed nations can be seen without any discrimination from the developed countries the waves of crisis pass through the rulers of the rulers and slogans. Sometimes their speed is soft and they come from one side to the other and leave on the other side and sometimes it happens that they face the wall and face the face, like the horses appear to be light on the foundations of the power. Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s power has come under such a tragic crisis. The crisis of crisis can be estimated that the heads of countries ruled by Europe to Europe have expressed their reaction. This reaction is increasing the pressure on the Saudi government.

On the other hand, many organizations of global media, human rights, freedom expression and justice and equality and the pressures of different countries are not only openly expressing their views and responses on this issue, instead, in this regard, the demand for direct and immediate measures is also pushing. In addition to electronic media, social media has also played an important role in spreading this news and increasing the intensity of crisis. At this time, this problem has become a global issue. Saudi King, but also himself, is the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, initiating formal measures to deal with this crisis, but at present it is increasingly raising rather than being reduced.

When the bug began on October 2, but instead of the event, at that time, people sitting under the shadow of the Saheeh-e-Saddam ruler will not even think that incident will result in the noise that will bring the calm and the walls of these calm cabinets. A journalist will be equally important that the world’s largest governments will start raising voice over it. People around the world who have not heard a person’s name, they will turn towards it and become supportive, and they will hear the sound of each other; that whole world will attract them. If any of them were estimated to have been in Saudi Arabia, then another solution would be thought to be the problem and this incident would never happen. Of course, think of such thing will not happen to Jamal Khashoggi.

Who was Jamal Khashoggi? A journalist who almost exiled from Saudi Arabia 15 years ago US was moved. The situation was wrong in his country. He did not want to leave his country. He worked hard. It was known in his society and made a place in the field and earned the name. She was not an ordinary, ungrateful journalist. Those people whose news and prepared reports were carefully watched and his voice was heard far away. His access was to the power of power and many people from Al-Saud were his personal and close ceremonies.

He had to wake up in the royal circles, and he also got news that did not reach his professional colleagues. According to news, Jamal Khashoggi’s behavior was different. In the case of newsletters he did not intend to bring any pressure, affection and fear. His colleagues reiterate the fact that I am loyal to my country and no one can compromise on it. The same verse of mood created problems for him and criticized Shah Salman’s government, especially on some decisions of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Just then, the government has become an environment of tackling it from time to time. To realize that his life is at risk, he exiled and came to America. Jamal Khashoggi’s identity was not limited to his country in journalism circles, but he was also known to be known outside, so after moving to Saudi Arabia from Saudi Arabia, he did not have to worry about work, and he wrote for the Washington Post. Now in his writings he got more openly open, and especially became the target of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

In the background of the decisions of Saudi Arabia and Jamal Khashoggi, in the clear words of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Not only this, but also showed the pride of prince’s power and authority. Jamal Khashoggi’s writings raised many questions about the Saudi government whose voice was heard in the global media. It is said that on some occasions, the Saudi government has to explain or clean it. So Jamal Khashoggi became a constant pain for him. Since Jamal Khashoggi was now in the US, he cared for anything and no fear. During this time, I went to the world’s fastest growing and high growth in journalistic circles. Its demand at the international level too increased. It was called too much in seminars and conferences. At one such event, he had gone to Turkey, where he met with a professional lady Hatice Genghis (Khadija Genghis). Jamal Khashoggi was very satisfied with the financial and professional conditions in the US, but the isolation of isolation made a vacuum in his life, he was a tough criticism. This was the item which made Jamal Khashoggi and Khadija Genghis together. Soon the conversation reached Medvedev. For this, Jamal Khashoggi needed legal action. Receiving the papers was possible from the Istanbul Embassy. On October 2, Jamal Khashoggi arrived in the embassy with Khadija Genghis to perform this task. He asked the Khadija Genghis to wait outside, he entered the embassy, ​​but he never came back again.

Waiting long lasted, even evening and embassy hours ended. Khadija’s unconsciousness became unbearable. He discovered about Jamal Khashoggi from the staff, and it was told that the work has been disrupted. This response was unacceptable to Khadija. How can he go while I am here? He said loudly. It was told that he got out of the second door. Impossible, Khadija thought. He was well acquainted with the matters of Khashoggi and the Saudi government, now the waves of worries and fear start running inside it. The embassy staff had the same answer. Khadija Genghis went out there and contacted other people of his area and then seeing that the news was first spread on social and then electronic media. That Khashoggi is missing from Istanbul after entering the Saudi embassy and later the question of his disappearance on global newspapers and electronic media began to question.

The Saudi government first took the silence, then looking forward to seeing the rising resonance and exposed to this matter. With the passing days only Khadija Genghis fear was not increasing, instead, the international media began to express concern over it. The concerns of Khashoggi’s death in rising media demanding the demand of the day and the media began to be intensified. The US President also had to present a statement in the matter that if such an incident happened on the Emma’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, he would have to face serious consequences.

So Saudi Arabia’s position is altered as it relates to this incident and is unaware. More than two weeks passed. The fear of newspapers, TV channels and social media came to convinced that Khashoggi was killed and his body was also set to be placed. Turkey’s intelligence agencies had already started moving. Khashoggi’s search was on, but no mark, no trace was found to be found. Turkish investigations visited the Saudi embassy twice in Istanbul, and it was completed, but there was nothing wrong with a scramble and scream. After 17 days the reality came and the fact that was being expressed was true. Khashoggi was not in this world anymore. The Saudi government confirmed its death in Istanbul’s embassy. It was told that the diplomatic staff got impatient and reached to Hatha Pai, which died. Obviously, this was definitely the answer to the global media, but it is not well. The noise was natural on it. Now human rights organizations and journalism organizations and people around the globe are expressing grief over the incident. And it is being demanded that the responsible persons of Khashoggi’s death should be brought to justice and the sentence should be punished. Countries that have a very soft attitude also require independent investigations and satisfactory measures. Initially, the issue of tension between America and Saudi Arabia was created. As noted in linear, the stress expressed on the level that the US President himself described this against Saudi Arabia’s government. However, when Saudi Arabia has confirmed the death of Khashoggi, there is an impression on the diplomatic level between America and Saudi Arabia. That is why the confession of the Saudi government and the measures taken by it, the United States’s government sources dismissed five people including deputy intelligence chief and arrest of 18 personnel and has been declared happy and has expressed confidence that measures will be taken according to transparent investigation and justice regarding this issue.

The statement of the US government has become clear that the atmosphere of trust and cooperation between the two is restored. Not just foolishly on the US, it seems that Saudi government has taken several countries into confidence in diplomatic sources. Therefore, the Saudi government has acknowledged the steps taken by the government and the steps taken by the government in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Turkey says that this incident has happened; the president says that all the information obtained from the investigation and investigation of this murder will be brought forth. France has declared the Saudi government’s statement inaccessible and demanded the incident to bring details, and condemned the murder, and he has also refused to attend the Conference of investors in Saudi Arabia these days. The incident has also been disturbed by the UK and the Saudi government’s description has been declared as unsatisfactory. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also condemned the incident and said that the killers will have to answer their move. Australia refused to attend the investment conference after the details and confession statement of this incident. Spain has also expressed regret over the murder.

On the other hand, the Arab Media Association’s organization called Khashoggi’s murderers and murder orders demanding severe punishment. Amnesty International has asked the investigation of the murder from the United Nations, So that the correct report can be reached. The global media has fully focused on this news from the very beginning. Obviously, Khashoggi was an active, active, realistic, unbelievable and ideal person of this community. He accepted his professional responsibilities and embraced death, but refused to bend. In journalism circles, it will be remembered as a tricky person and a bright reference. News reports of his death have broken a tremendous grief in the media circles of many countries. Already about Saudi Arabia, this impression is common that he is a closed society and also has full authority over his media due to the system of monarchy. There is no such news here easily enough to be against the king, its system and the people associated with it. The news of electronic and social media news about Khashoggi’s murder case was expressed in response to the UN, Germany, Australia, and Spain.

Currently Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz who had been in the background for some time, return to the scene again. The Crown Prince, who had ruled as the face of power before and issued orders for measures, has gone to the cold background. The government has removed two advisors, five senior officers. 18 people related to the incident have also been arrested. Obviously, the main objectives of these steps are to impart that there is no direct link to the Saudi kingdom’s incident. And he thinks that every action seems unwanted and capable. However despite the efforts of Saudi government, the storm of media has emerged, its intensity is increasing continuously. This reaction is global, which is not a good feeling for Saudi Arabia and its system of governance. In the background of Khashoggi’s event, the orders and measures of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman are being analyzed; he is becoming the source of this storm. The Saudi government is suffering from a crisis that has no power to control its severity and seriousness. The question is whether this crisis is causing threats to the government of King Salman or Saudi Arabia is going to get its full control over the Government system? There are different views and estimates in this regard, however, the correct answer will be provided. It is also a question of self-determination, how much time is it coming?


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