Saudi Arabia and Naya Pakistan

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Pakistan PM Imran Khan

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Mirza Galib said in a letter although although I’m smart but I’m nervous. Suddenly, I lost my mind. If I wake up, I wake up as much as the height of the old wall collapsed. My Pakistan is also like prevailing, if it arises, it gets so late that the mammals fall and then sit. Ayub Khan lifted up, Yahya sat down at the time of Khan. Then Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Zia ul Haq stood up for the support of the wall but in the period of PPP and N League, he slowly captured the wall. Pervez Musharraf got hands from some US, got into the body, strengthened his senses, the material sprouted in the veins, or it was torn to stand but the next 10-year democratic era pulled out the carpenter. Now Imran Khan is again struggling to stand. $ 10.8 billion has been handed over as donations. The shipbuilding project of $ 2120 billion is just about to land at Islamabad airport at any moment. The friends were happy, the opponents died. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is about to ban Islamabad’s streets with 1200 lamps. Speaking about the arrival of this historian moment, a former Saudi ambassador wrote we’ve discovered Pakistan again. This is a new discovery of Imran Khan, again.

I think, the brother-in-law has done Pakistan due to the discovery of a C-re-discovery. Indeed, due to the pure, China Economic Transit, Pakistan is going to become a major business center in the world. From the Central Asia countries to the Middle East and Africa, this radar is about to spread. The access to the Euro Asian market of the Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia will be from this pure, China economic rally. Saudi Arabia, the $ 10 billion oil refinery which began to start this year, will play a major role in the Pakistani economy. Our own oil extracts is 40 percent of our requirement, but we send 25% of raw oil out of this raw oil. We do not have the ability to clean it. So after the Gwadar Oil Refinery, we will save 25% of oil which will have a clear impact on Pakistan’s economy.

Saudi Arabia’s interest in the agriculture sector can enter Pakistan in a new agricultural era. Now Saudia has demanded only two million hectares of land, we can give it a million hectares of land. If the brother-in-law of the country will resort to two million hectares of land, there will be a revolution in agriculture if there provides a system of food for Pakistan for 20 lakh hectares. We have got around 200 million hectares. We can provide food to the whole Middle East by investing in the country’s agriculture sector. In China a hectare land produces 200 meal while only 40 in Pakistan. Saudi investment in agriculture can increase the growth of Pakistan’s agricultural production; we also have a large market chain in China to export food.

Russia has set a $ 10 billion investment contract to lay the North Southeastern Gas pipeline. The proposal to make a sea-tunnel or bridge is being considered to meet Gwadar in Oman, the way a railway tunnel is set between Britain and France. If so, then this groundwater route can also be a new era of history. This route will match Central Asia states with the Middle East. In addition to the involvement of Saudi Arabia in Pak, China’s chaos, a non-existent new alliance of nations will also be automatically created. In particular, China, Russia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will be closer to each other. Pakistan will stand on its feet. The speed of time will increase here, the seasons of the seasons will flow, the insects will be filled with insights, the dreams will be interpreted, and the sounds will be useful. Flowers will open on the sand; new Pakistan will come into existence.


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