Russia, US tensions prepare for World War III?

Russian President Putin and US President Joe Biden, file photo

Russian President Putin and US President Joe Biden, file photo

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Rising tensions between Russia and the United States are pushing the world towards a third world war. For the first time since 1952, tensions between the United States and Russia have led to a virtual stalemate in diplomatic relations between the two countries, with ambassadors absent from each other’s countries. Russia’s ambassador to the United States returned to Russia in protest of the expulsion of his diplomats, after which the US ambassador returned to the United States. It is being said that this is temporary; the fact is that the diplomatic relations between the two countries have temporarily ended. In this regard, the United States has called on Russia to reduce its growing military presence in Ukraine. The United States says Russian troops have been deployed to intervene in Ukraine. Large-scale interventions are unlikely, analysts say. Infiltration is Russia’s tried and tested method. Russian Special Forces also occupied Crimea in 2014. They included masked soldiers who wore green uniforms, hence the name Little Green Man.

The Henry Jackson Society, a British think tank, reports that Russia has increased military training and exercises in the North Pole, created new brigades and is exploiting natural resources. The report added that Moscow was building new icebreaker ships, reopened Soviet-era military bases and installed a missile warning system at the North Pole. Relations between Russia and Ukraine have been strained, with independent sources saying the war is imminent. There have been sporadic clashes between forces in the disputed areas, but Russia developed an intercontinental hypersonic missile in December 2019, which can hit its target at 27 times the speed of sound. President Putin has announced that the missile will be loaded. Russia also successfully tested a new hypersonic missile in March 2018. A video released by the Russian Defense Ministry showed the missile being launched from a fighter jet. Now, once again, intercontinental hypersonic Russian missiles are flying over NATO airspace. In this regard, it can be said that this is neither a regular war nor a Cold War. But Russia’s readiness is very high. Russia uses GRU Special Forces, cyber warfare and propaganda, also known as hybrid warfare. A special report to the US Congress last year detailed the role of the GRU. The United States has long completed similar war preparations.

Why is Russia threatening Ukraine again? This is because a number of factors have contributed to tensions between Russia and Ukraine. In February, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky imposed sanctions on Viktor Medvedchuk, a friend of President Putin and a powerful Ukrainian businessman. Ukraine has also banned three pro-Russian TV stations. Many conditions remain to be met in the 2015 peace agreement. For example, in the separatist region, arrangements have not yet been made to monitor free elections. There are also rumors that President Putin wants to test US President Joe Biden. President Biden has taken a tougher line on Russia than his predecessor, Trump. President Joe Biden is trying to provoke a war against Putin by making statements in favor of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Ukraine is not a member of the NATO alliance, but NATO has close ties with Ukraine and because of those ties, Ukraine has been given Western weapons, including US anti-tank missiles. In response, Russia tested a hybrid war tank a week ago and it has been launched on the battlefield.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on NATO to make Ukraine a member of the alliance, but it is difficult for NATO to join the 30-nation alliance as fighting continues be done. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has told world media that NATO is assisting Ukraine with military training and joint military exercises. According to an order issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin on an official website, the number of Russian armed forces will be increased to 1.9 million. According to the released document, as of July 1, 2017, the number of Russian armed forces had reached 1.93 million.

On the other hand, NATO has delivered 40,000 troops near Russia’s borders, and 15,000 weapons and military equipment to the Black Sea and Baltic regions, including strategic aircraft. Russia-US tensions seem to be preparing for World War III. This is because those who call for peace and democracy in the world should remember that after the Second World War, the world remained a battleground and this platform of the world nations continued to play the role of a silent spectator. The terrible war in Vietnam, the three wars between Pakistan and India, the Sino-Indian war, the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf War, the United Nations has been unable to play its role in various wars and because of this weakness the world is now it has become an open battlefield. His staff is busy subduing the strong and the weak like his buffalo. In Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Burma (Rohingya Muslims) and Yemen, human blood has become so cheap that no one is willing to shed a tear. Injustice, oppression and the unbridled desire to assert one’s power have fueled the war in the world. The world is changing, how long and how much oppression will one endure? How long will the United States be able to maintain its global supremacy? The bloc, who includes China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran, could soon be in a position to challenge the United States. History tells us that world wars have changed the status of superpowers. World War II is a clear example of this. The United Kingdom, which did not have a sunset and had colonies all over the world, gradually became an American colony. In all these objective circumstances, it would be better for America not to push the world towards another war, otherwise the balance of power could get out of its hands and go elsewhere, and of course the conscious people of America would become someone’s colony in the future. Don’t let the country that controls the world come under the control of someone else.


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